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For now, this is a scrap pile of fragments. To be cleaned up later.

Black Conspiracy Theology

I'm not black, but I did live in black communities, and what I saw (as an outsider) was the black community distrusts the system and sees everything as conspiracies, thus every event that happens is seen through that bigoted lens. If most of the things you see are wrong/biased, then most of your reactions will also be wrong/biased, especially if the media/democrats are sensationalizing and feeding the hate/unrest.


Short summary

Iraq War

This covers many of the fallacies and bad arguments about the Iraq War. Disagreeing over the cost/benefits of a war is fine, ignoring truths because they get in the way of your agenda is not. Iraq.png

Automation will destroy us

Old truckers never die, they just re-tire. Anyways, the point is those screaming automation will destroy us all, are missing that they've been saying the same thing since Ug first tied a spear tip to a spear, and Zug predicted that would end all animal life. This is nothing new. There's a rate of change that can cause short term localized issues. But historically the costs of labor versus costs of automation balance each other out. Eliminating drivers ups the demand for loaders/unloaders and sales/repair people. Even disruptive technologies don't happen overnight. Look at smart phones, the most massively disruptive technology of our era... poor flip phone builders were devastated. But we created more jobs in Apple stores than were lost at nokia. Smart phones didn't eliminate laptops and desktops. And lots of jobs were created in improving data networks and mall kiosks for phone accessories and repairs. The systems balance. More people are better off now, and enjoy the fruits of the transition than before. Most of those predicting catastrophe are ignoring history, or the parts of the equations they don't want to see.

There's even a 200 year old word for them, having to do with those that would destroy the tools of automation in the early 19th century... luddites.

Malthus - link

Russia, Trump and Wiretapping


High Speed Rail

The answer for every program is "compared to what?".... you could do all these other thing: desalinated clean water, more sewage treatment, much more clean energy, and 3,000 miles of more lanes and 9,000 miles of resurfacing.... or a high speed rail that few will use. Which sounds better?

Private funding myths:

High speed rail would be great for me: it's stealing billions of dollars from the poorer parts of the state and nation, to subsidize a rail line that will be under-utilized, but convenient for a few. And I'm one of the few. That being said, since I'm not greedy/selfish or as misinformed as the supporters, I think it would be better if this thing died a quick death (and better still, if the math challenged had realized how flawed the boondoggle was from the get-go). Planes and busses will be cheaper, faster and more economical, and the world doesn't need another testament to Jerry's ego, and the gullibility of California voters.

Yup. The difference between investment and public works, is in the former you have to convince investors to choose to support something risky, because of the potential returns (either to society, or economically). In the latter, you just force people to invest, even if they completely disagree with the risks/returns (like California's crazy train). 51% of the most gullible, in two cities (LA and Bay Area) get to force the rest of the state to fund their loser boondoggle, that few private investors would take a chance on. In the meantime real investment in the future is going on elsewhere, by private concerns. Texas and Florida's high speed rail is progressing based on actual private investment. We'll see which gets built first, and still exists in 100 years: California's 19th century network between Bakersfield and Fresno, or one of the others between two closer metros, and that can actually compete with air-travel in speed and cost.

Not that high speed, but still... Turns out Texas and Florida are doing theirs private, California is doing their high speed rail by politician... Want to take bets which will get done faster, for less, and carry more passengers per population? At least ours has a better theme song...

California Tax Priority

Just the facts? (1) There is no highway funding shortfall. From 1984-2012, the capital spending for roads and bridges rose nearly three times the inflation rate. (2) If the infrastructure is crumbling and bridges are falling down, it's not because of too little money spent -- it's because they're not spending it well. (3) The real problem? Congress stole about 20% of all monies from the highway trust fund to finance pet projects that have nothing to do with road maintenance (mass transit, bike paths, high speed rail, and so on). Less than 5% of commuters use those things (so expenditures are at least 4x what they should be), and many of those programs have increased congestion/pollution (like HoV lanes or light rail). In the private sector you'd go to prison for such fraud -- in the public sector they expect to be rewarded with higher tax revenues. The gas tax hike isn't about roads; it's about fraudulently diverting our money, then using the artificial shortfall to come back and take more of our money. (The same as our school, police and other systems that are running out of money, because much of the money isn't getting to them, and what is, is being poorly spent). H/T Steve Buchanan.

We already paid for the roads, they diverted the money elsewhere... now they want to charge us again. The problem isn't the funding, but where it was, and wasn't being spent. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result, the California democrats (both elected officials and voters) prove they should all be institutionalized, or at least be declared legally incompetent and have the important decisions made by anyone else. Priorities should be (in order of importance): Police, Fire, Infrastructure, Education, social engineering -- exactly backwards of Californias legislative priorities. I'm pretty sure a chimp throwing feces at a wallboard with ideas on them, would make better decisions... because at least half the time, the answer wouldn't be to raise taxes to pay for things that were already paid for. (Which is at least twice as good as the democrats reaction to every problem).

Yeah, the problem isn't the dollars in -- California gets more in taxes than any other state. The problem is the incompetence and mis-prioritization.

You can't complain about roads and dams, when you're throwing money down the drain on Fetal Stem Cell Research and high speed rail.

Campaign Limits

Why shouldn't we create Campaign Contribution Limits? Because it won't work, and will make things worse.

Military Suicides

Some context on military suicides compared to other groups: something to keep in mind when Hollywood is giving folks their fake trope about how crazy those military folks are.

Lie of Averages

I hear dimwits compare costs of living between states/areas pretty poorly. They often fall prey to what I call, "the lie of averages".


Basics of Propaganda: understanding differences between white, black and grey propaganda.

Isn't fascism a right wing ideology?

Fascism is categorized by some as "right wing", because in Europe (historically), left and right isn't liberalism vs. conservatism, it often means individualism (left) vs. authoritarianism or collectivism (right). So by that definition, British and American Liberalism (Libertarianism) was considered left wing, and Fascism was right wing because it was authoritarian and collectivist (not individualist) - but that means Socialism and Communism are right wing well.

While in America, our terms reversed: individualists (libertarians, classical liberals, conservatives) tend to pool on the right, not the left, so the terms/meanings/roles are directly reversed. If Fascism is right wing in Europe, it's left wing in America (or they were using a different dimension to compare it on. The same way in America, Conservatism means go backwards: back when we had less government control, but in many European countries, conservatism can mean going back to when they had Monarchs and more authoritarian control. These terms don't translate as well as some people think.

There's a lot of other ways to look at right versus left wing: none of them show fascism to be a purely right wing belief system, while all show it to be a strongly left wing one (by American definitions).

Progressives gave us

You often hear advocates claiming, "if it wasn't for progressives, you wouldn't have X...", then they explain without progressives, we wouldn't have roads, schools, police, fireman, military, or some other thing we had for decades or centuries before progressives. But I wanted to compile the other side of the equation (the balances). Here's a reminder of what they gave us that wasn't so great, or started off fine but entropied into something bad, so people can decide if jumping on every new big-government bandwagon is a good idea… or if a little prudence, caution and research is warranted before gobbling up the bandwagon fallacy and putting on that Che Guevara T-Shirt.

The short list of losers would include the following:

  • Financial servitude: centralized banking/money (the Fed), fiat currency backed by debt (and the inflation that results in), they gave us the 16th amendment, the IRS, the worst tax code in the free world (73,954 pages), they fought for every tax increase and against all relief or simplification (to fund themselves), and then they piled on 174,545 pages of regulations (over 1,040,940 restrictions spread among them) in our regulatory code, and that’s not touching the 23,000 pages in our federal legal code (and over 300,000 criminal punishments burried within the discretion of administrative agencies).
  • Bigotry: centralized education with the admitted intent of reprogramming the youth (against their immigrant/catholic parents), they were champions of racism (and still are in affirmative action), supported eugenics, created our anti-immigration quotas and policies as a favor to unions (then call anyone that wants to enforce those laws a xenophobe), FDR blocked all immigration for a while, interned even 2nd generation Japanese, Germans and Italians,
  • General Statism: they replaced the constitution with federalism (jurisprudence and precedence over original intent), invented supreme court stacking and judicial activism, they gave us the 17th amendment (popular vote senate which broke the constitution and states rights completely), they gave government the power to take our property (eminent domain, national parks/federal lands), and to control what we can do on our land (via the EPA and other agencies)
  • Too big to fail: they have always been in bed with big business (like organized labor) and created the biggest cartels and trusts in the nation (utilities, unions, federal reserve, banking, Fanny/Freddy, tort lawyers, AMA, and so on),
  • Enemies of liberty: they gave us Prohibition and the post-prohibition drug war, they granted the Fed it's own unconstitutional police forces (FBI, NSA, DEA, OSS/CIA, IRS), centralized transportation (like Amtrak), used centralized road as a way to force things on the states that were unconstitutional (like the 55MPH speed limit, forced raised the drinking age, and so on), then they complain that our federally mandated highways and bridges are crumbling (the agencies they created, failing to do their charter), they invented the anti-liberty regulatory state: the FDA was created so they could control what we put in our own bodies, the FCC and fairness doctrine were created to control our free speech (so FDR could bully any TV/Radio stations that did unfavorable pieces on the administration or it’s policies), they gave us FISA warrants and invented domestic spying (look at Espionage and Sedition Acts of the 1917-1918 and how they empowered government to read our mail, listen on phone calls, and how they undermined free speech), they created American imperialism (and got us into the Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Kosovo, Bosnia, Vietnam, and Central/South America), they gave us conscription/draft, they took away our guns for our own good, invented the poverty industrial complex (which is over 2/3rds of our budget and 9/10ths of our future liabilities), they made it harder to save for our retirement and replaced it with a youth-tax ponzi scam calls Social Security, then they raided the Social Security Trust fund and left IOU’s in their place (for our kids to pay for our debts/sins), they invented congressional appointed agencies to give congress plausible deniability and more opacity in government, and most of all, they won’t accept responsibility for any of it. It’s all the Republicans fault.