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Jennifer Barringer (forensic expert)

2016.07.09 ~ the smartest democrat they could find, "forensic expert Jennifer Lee Barringer" embarrassed herself on multiple places (Tru TV, Fox News, HLN, CBS and CNN) with absurd gun claims.

Fake claims included:

  • You can guns at grocery stores in Texas - you can't
  • Ban scopes, hunting rifles, and adapters - why?
  • "Can add adapters to make the rifle shoot faster" - where can I get one?
  • "rifle has a clip" - proper terminology is "removable magazine"
  • "where your bullet doesn't have to be ejected between, like a single action rifle" - this is too dumb to explain. All bullets have to be ejected, almost all rifles are single action (single action means the trigger can't cock itself, then fire, it can only fire if the spring for the hammer is already cocked).


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