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(D) is a race baiting media whore, that never missed an opportunity to jump in front of the camera and do something from attention. His fame came from Martin Luther King, and his death, when Jesse dipped his hand in still warm blood pool for the cameras. While I don't mind some of his accomplishments, and he brought fame to legitimate issues, more often he was there to inflame people and increase racial friction to get the spotlight.
  • 2016.07.10 - While in Texas, he said for the cameras that AK-47, ‘can bring down airplanes'. The dumb is strong with this one. Unlike boxcutters or radical Islam, to date, no commercial airplane in the U.S. has ever been brought down by small arms fire. While it might be theoretically possible while the plane is landing, and you got an impossibly lucky shot, the only practical way that’s happening is if you got one on-board, and shot the pilot.
  • 2012.06.06 - While trying to start a march against Gun Stores in Texas, he tried to create the march mantra that gun control creates jobs, "guns out, jobs in." I have no idea where he was going with that, but it went about as well as expected in Texas.

The one truth about Jesse is that you get dumber by listening.


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