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Remember the early message of Earth Day/Week: anti-population and anti-humanity. With that came not only pro-birth-control, sterilization, pro-abortion, eugenics, racism -- but also anti-immigration. Enter John Tanton, early earth day supporter, and founder of many America First, anti-Immigration charities and non-profits (FAIR, U.S. English, ProEnglish, The Social Contract, and Society for Genetic Education). He was very welcomed early on, and tolerated later on. While the far-left supports all/most of the same causes as Tanton, they don't want to be seen as supporting those things, so there's sort of a love-hate thing going on. He's like their ugly girlfriend, that they want to come over for a booty call, but use their back door in the dark, so the friends/neighbors don't see her visiting.


Written: 2018.04.17