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Who is Kamala Harris? A vile, anti-constitutional Attorney General, that became a vile Senator. And wants to become more, because fucking people for payouts is what she does. Literally.

Career Lowlights

  • She got to the top by being on the bottom (fucking her way to the top) -- being Corrupt Mayor Willie Brown's mistress[1]
  • As her side job, he appointed her to various jobs like California Medical Assistance Commission, state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board making $72K and $98K respectively. I guess if you're going to be a whore, you might as well be a high priced one.
  • Later, she was losing by 62,000 votes to become Attorney General when she called up her friend California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, whose job it was to certify votes, and suddenly many thousands of Steve Cooley (her oppositions) votes just disappeared. After provisional ballots were counted, she was declared the winner by approximately 50,000 votes -- in what many felt was a corrupt election.[2]
  • As payoff for past favors(?), she paid out of her campaign, the daughter of Maxine Waters, $63,000 to appear on a mailer. [3]
  • She fucked over the state and obstructed pension reform that is bankrupting the state. [4]
  • She's a classless racist that drops F-Bombs in public speeches, but is concerned about others tone/civility?[5].
  • She failed the Bar exam the first time she took it in 1989 (she passed a year later).
  • Her prosecutors (when she was A.G.) were caught faking evidence to get their conviction records up. [6]
  • She repeatedly uses lies/false claims like her "129 million have pre-existing conditions and those meany republicans want to die[7]
  • She uses histrionics on immigration, like DACA for the Wall and ending chain migration is some big offense to Americanism, and gets mocked openly on Twitter for being a twit. [8]

What a peach.


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