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(D) California Senator - California Senator Kevin De Leon in a press conference about SB 808 (which he sponsored, and was vetoed by Gerry Brown as incompetent and impractical) he rambles on about Ghost Guns, and all sorts of stuff he gets wrong by saying ".30 caliber magazine clip:... "it can disperse 30 bullets in half a second": (1) That's a rate of fire no gun has (about 20x actual) (2) It's .223 caliber not .30 caliber (3) It's a magazine -- a magazine clip is something else (not used in AR-15's). He passed 11 bills, "to prevent gun violence", none of which have, or could have, any impact on gun violence, because the authors of these laws don't understand the basics of the tool, or human nature. Like his law saying if you make a gun, you have to put a serial number on it, and register it. Like if you're going to commit a felony mass murder, you're going to do that, and that would do anything to prevent it? They're dead, and the shooters dead, but at least we can trace it back to the body it's lying next to.


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