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Kirsten Gillibrand (D) NY Senator - NY Politicians with a D after their name, means they're corrupt, an idiot or a liar -- with a few managing the trifecta. To give you an idea of her logical capabilities, after a mass shooting done with a shotgun, she said this proves why we need to ban the assault weapons, bumb stocks, and other things that are "common-sense" gun control. Especially if you remember that none of them would have mattered in this case. She brags about how she turned from an A to an F rating by the NRA by flipping on her constituents. She can get more votes from Brooklyn than she loses from upstate (where she was from). And that's good enough for her. And she's flipped on many topics and put knives in allies backs, when it suits her.

Other Topics

She also flip-flopped on many other topics:

  • Illegal Immigration-- she went from wanting to protect her constituents from illegal immigrants, to supporting sanctuary cities, and was the first Senator to speak in favor of abolishing ICE in what's an insulting farce.
  • War on Women -- she started another farce by claiming that a new Supreme Court justice appointed by President Trump could lead to women being arrested for "making decisions about their bodies." and doesn’t want SCOTUS to "Criminalize Women". Yeah, like that's what the majority court wants to do.
  • #MeToo - This is the same #metoo suffragette that called for Trump to resign over unproven allegations of sexual misconduct, while she held hands with Bill Clinton and had him campaign for her, and praised what a wonderful man he is (for only raping one woman and sexually assaulting dozens of others). Then she turned on him and called him out for it, once #metoo gained momentum.
  • Same Sex Marriage -- went from pro Civil Unions, to pro Gay Marriage
  • She ran against various Stimulus packages -- then voted for them a year later, once elected
  • She not only supports the ACA, but wants Bernie Sanders Socialized Medicare for All
  • She opposes free speech in Citizens United

Many who know her say that she'll flip on a dime if it suits her politically: lacks convictions or integrity.


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