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Lisa Page is a lawyer involved in Mueller and other FBI investigations, and was cheating on her husband (Joseph Burrow) with Peter Strzok. Peter is the infamously biased FBI agent that doctored Hillary's exoneration letter to make it harder to press charges for her crimes, and so on. She and Strzok exchanged many text messages showing their lack of impartiality and obvious bias for Hillary and against Trump, as well as talked about things like: (a) a conspiracy to undermine the election (b) Loretta Lynch knew Hillary would never be charged (long before Hillary was interviewed by the FBI over her unauthorized private email server) (c) that Obama was being kept informed every step of the way (which he had denied many times), and other such stuff.


  • There was a fiasco when the DOJ/FBI had "lost" many of the text messages, that they're required to archive by law. Then they magically found them when they were about to be held in contempt of congress and start a bigger investigation into their policies [1]


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Written: 2018.04.21