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Speech on thinking about the “other side” of Gandhi, MLK and Tankman. Who are the real heroes? Life and people are more complex than the caricatures we are taught. And we owe it to everyone (and ourselves) not to just be shallow


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MLK Plagiarism - King started plagiarizing the work of others and he continued this practice throughout his career. This isn't just sharing and quoting for others, this was lifting verbatim and without acknowledgement and taking credit for their work in his school papers, on to his speeches. Even his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech borrowed sections from a 1952 address to the Republican National Convention (by black preacher Archibald Carey). His test scores backed up that he was in the bottom in literary accademics.

MLK Philanderings - Secret FBI recordings accuse Martin Luther King Jr of watching and laughing as a pastor raped a woman, having 40 extramarital affairs.

MLK Communism - King avoided labelling himself a communist in public, but readily described himself as a Marxist in private. Plus his upper echelon was quite cozy with the communists. That's why the FBI started taping/monitoring him as a subversive element and a threat: because parts of his beliefs were just that. So while the blacks and hippies all discounted the claims that he was a communist and claim he was just being watched because whitey didn't like his stance on civil rights, the truth is they had bigger concerns about him being a Communist sowing discord, and if he wasn't outright collaborating (which some of his lieutenants were), his philandering and hypocrisy did make him an easy blackmail threat to the communists.

2017.01.20 MLK Bust - Time/Examiner - Trump pulled the MLK bust out of Oval Office. Never mind, it was moved in the same room, and the Churchill bust that Obama removed was brought back. Lesson: don't shittweet before factcheck!


A friend pointed out that we would be living in a different America if we had not lost Dr. King...

I replied:

  • (a) that's true about just about anyone
  • (b) "Maybe not for the better"

Look, MLK plagiarized and gave a brilliant speech or three. And his causes were just, and his actions commendable (far better than the Malcom X type stuff). So I am somewhat a fan, and am not trying to pee in anyone's punchbowl, nor mock their heroes. There are far, far less worthy celebrities. So he's not a Che Guevara or unworthy type. But we need to watch the deification of people. Even people that had positive impact on many lives. And I'm also one that focuses on the counter-balances or things not discussed.

So I went on to mention the following points:

  • remember, King was a philanderer that was surrounded by Marxists and started talking about reparations
  • one of the best things you can do (for your reputation) is take an assassins bullet before the truth/scandals come out

Do you think we'd be a better world if King was disgraced as a hypocrite, or if he had to keep creating "the next big thing" to be like a Jesse Jackson (and become an attention whore)? What if he kept devolving into more and more leftist divisive/Marxist rhetoric? We have no way to know which way his life would have gone from there, and whether he would have pulled out from his trajectory, but there were at least a few indicators that it was heading towards a darker direction.

So while I respect his accomplishments, and forgive his sins, that's easier to do when he took a bullet near his peak, not nearer his valley.

He might have done great things, and still be the voice of reason. He might have also devolved and been tainted by scandal and his need for attention. But I find either, equally plausible. So from doing the most for the world, he might have died at the exact right time. We just don't know.


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