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While I have no problem with Zuckerberg personally, he has a reputation as an arrogant, contemptuous (of his customers), man-child billionaire. Sort of a Steve Jobs " knows best" view of the world, without having the talent to back it up, and he lets it delve into politics and the bias of his company. (Even Steve knew better when to shut up and let their employees and customers disagree with him ideologically). I'm not sure if that view is fair, I am sure that it's out there and if he's trying to improve that image, he's doing a piss-poor job of it.

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Again, I tend to find the coupling of corporations and their founders as somewhat gosh and un-nuanced: assuming the leadership isn't actively fostering it. It feels to ad hominem, to me, to confuse dislike of a company or leader, with the other. But nobody seems to do this worse than Facebook. Even Amazon has more separation between Bezos and the company. Most people think Zuckerberg is Facebook, thus they retaliate against Facebook by trashing Mark.

I imagine Mark is probably a nice (but arrogant) guy, 1:1 (like many founder CEO's). And that while he's done an embarrassingly bad job of getting the bigger brand picture, I don't necessarily think all these are fair -- I do think they are a fair representation of the public's dislike of benevolent dictatorships.

There's a bazillion meme's out there, all hinting at the problem. Either Mark is right and the world is wrong, or Mark is pissing off his base, and to egocentric to recognize that he's failing as a good leader. (Assuming being a good leader is about more than just telling others what to do... and includes making them feel like participants in the experience).

There's two ways to lead. (1) Annoy a few people (2) Annoy most people. I'd guess that Mark is firmly in the latter category. Which is fine, you can be successful in spite of yourself, just not as successful as if you had the maturity and likability of the average 30 year old.


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