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Despicable Maxine.
Maxine is one of the dumbest, nastiest, racist and most corrupt voices in Congress. Her wheel might still be spinning, but the hamster is dead.

Nasty, foul, racist, divisive, opportunist... people will claim that I'm just using ad hominem's, but each of those claims is provable. If there's any issue vaguely related to race, she'll be there, inciting racism and embarrassing humanity, in a nasty and degrading (and usually hypocritical) way.

In response to Trump officials being harassed for their political views, when the other side goes high and calls for civility, Maxine Waters goes low, and encourages hate and her side to assault and harass Trump supporters. Any means to their ends. [1]

LA riots

Reginald Denny was almost killed by black racist thugs that pulled him out of his truck and beat him with a cinder block while he was prostrate on the pavement causing brain damage.

  • Maxine Waters did not denounce the attack even though it took place in her city.
  • Maxine said that the LA riots were "understandable." - they weren't. Read: Rodney King
  • Maxine visited the perpetrator's mother to offer her support. The perpetrator was sent to prison. When the thug was later released from prison he went on to murder somebody else in 2000. When his accomplices we're not convicted, Maxine joined in the celebration.


  • Maxine Waters supports racial quotas in hiring, college admissions, and decreased testing requirements.
  • Maxine supports clubs being formed exclusively for blacks and periodicals exclusively for blacks that actively and publicly exclude nonblacks.

Some of her venom is finally being directed back at her. After enough cries for "Impeach Trump", a local Inglewood street artist created "impeach waters" art. Gotta love some payback: [2]

Twitter defends Maxine: Queen of the Twits
Maxine, the perpetual liar and insulter, accused someone of being a Russian Bot, and they retorted that she was a retarded, corrupt, and has a bad wig... and they got blocked for 7 days. Which isn't bad, if it was applied fairly, but the left regularly says 10x worse to conservatives and is virtually never blocked or punished. James Woods decided to double down and tweeted, "That’s a wig? I thought it was a service animal..." Another replied, "I wonder what it eats?", and someone else retorted "[if brains,] It must be starving". Old joke, but particularly apropos.



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