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I think everyone has had at least some "pleasant" experiences at the Doctors offices. If you haven't, it is probably just a matter of time until you will. I sometimes am left to wonder if the AMA is conspiring with Gerbels, Mengela, and other leftover National Socialists to think of new procedure to either torment, humiliate, or outright torture the common man. It is like, "we could do a MRI, blood test or cat-scan and figure this out; but an endoscopy would be much more fun... for us".


These are just a few of my stories:

1980 Black Widow.png
Being bitten by a black widow spider was not fun. I'd gone frogging, and then later had these muscle spasms, puking, and writhing in pain. My Mom said, "Food poisoning, next time don't eat frogs", and left me for a party. I spent the evening curled up in cramping pain, until I passed out. Later while retelling the story to a Marine/Friend, he laughed and explained that's what a black widow does, as he'd gotten envenomated as well. That explains why it was like no food poisoning I've had before or since: avoid it, if possible. You probably won't die, but it's no fun at all. more...
Nose job.jpg
My Nose Job (rhinoplasty) was because as a kid I tried to climb a cinderblock-wall, with a loose block at the top, that flattened my nose, and guaranteed I was a mouth breather. I eventually got that fixed, which involved discount plastic surgery, drugs, sexual harassment, and no real regrets more...
Many people have never broken a limb. I'm not one of them. My left arm seems to like to snap like a twig. I've broken it five times. No, it isn't weak, and I don't have osteoporosis or brittle bone disease - I actually just do dumb things or get unlucky, and sometimes both. These are my stories. more...

Deathrace 2000: Some people tell their kids, "watch out for cars" -- for me that was always an understatement. I was one of those lucky kids that got hit by a car, over and over and over again.

My final score was; Cars:4 Me:0 -- and that was just as a pedestrian, as a driver I had a few more accidents. more...
Dont panic.png

Phobias and Anxiety: That which does not destroy us makes us stronger... but given the choice, I might opt for a little more weakness.

I learned a lot about phobias and anxiety the hard way. I was a precocious kid and early adult, and then something snapped. It helped me learn first hand what these things are, and are not. These are just my views, based on those experiences. I am not a psychologist but because of my experiences I've read quite a bit on the subject. I am hope that explaining some of these experiences will help others with "phobias" recognize what they are, or help those who know people with "phobias" to understand them a little better. more...
=== Brazen Shamelessness===

This is a video by me, on how I earned my superpower, with the help of poison oak and public humiliation in Junior High School