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Life is short, why not have a little fun with it?

How people take Meme's is often a reflection on them: Adults, looking for enlightenment and self-improvement, can chuckle when the other side catches them in a bit of mock-worthy hypocrisy. Fragile egocentric people can get outraged by them.

While dishonest memes (where the premise is a lie), reflects more on the publisher/author than reader. But an honest memes value (how constructive or polarizing) is sort of a snowflake meter: perpetually outraged or those that can ignore or chuckle, both reflect more on the reader than the author (or publisher) of such little barbs. And that has some value.


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Poor Sandy (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez), she's the left's Sarah Palin, if Sarah was dumber, more quotable, and more partisan/rabid.
Meme's aren't exactly News, but they do show tone or demonstrate some hypocrisy. Here's a few meme's about Fake/Real hate.
Memes about the law.
Rachel Maddow is the face of MSNBC. While I have nothing against Butch Lesbians or LGBTQ's in general, I do have a problem with caustic and dishonest polemics. She's the latter.
Really just a collection of things I drew, illustrated or borrowed and altered (real artists steal).
Black lives matter more to some than others. Their suffering is a means to an ends.
Since science is skepticism, anti-skeptics are anti-science. These memes make fun of that FakeScience (those that detest skepticism).
Economics is largely comparing seen to unseen outcomes, and looking for the bigger picture or consequences.
Memes about logic and logical fallacies.
Russia, Russian Collusion, and Russiagate memes.
Kick one drama queen off a flight, and you'll get hammered by people that don't care about justice, they just hate big corporations and airlines.

Economic Memes

Who said humor and economics don't go together?

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United Airline Memes

Throw one tantrum throwing asshat off a plane, and the Nation loses their mind!

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Logical Fallacies

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Liberty, Tolerance and Socialism

What they should really look like, but too often do not. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, mock 'em.

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Other Memes

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