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Memes about Christians/Christianity. The purpose isn't to barb, but to have fun laughing at ourselves... or sometimes others.


Memes-Christian : 40 items


This section is to discuss one of the most persecuted minorities in the world: Christians. Of course, that's a bit overstated, as they have wide swaths of the country and world where they are not looked down on nor condescended to. But in Urban and especially Liberal areas (California, NY, etc), or leftist countries, they're often treated like superstitious ignoramuses. And in much of the world, they are openly persecuted (especially smaller sects of Christianity like Jehovah's witnesses, LDS, and so on). So while I don't mind an introspective media willing to navel gaze on our own REAL problems, I do have a problem with selective blindness, that tries to defend the intersectionally oppressed (in a county where say Muslims have the most freedom in the world), while ignoring real persecutions going on wherever Muslims or Socialists (Collectivists) gain control. These is just some examples of the problem. more...