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I don't mind body modification, or people that want tattoos to mark and event/milestone or say something about them. (My wife and I each got a small tat). But some bad decisions are permanent...


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Chinese Characters

I always like to point at people who got Chinese characters and say, "Oh, you got Douche tattoo'd on you... that's hysterical". Then they say, "no that's water"... and I say, "no, with that extra little fleck right there, it means it's a verb, to douche"... Of course I'm lying, but it takes them a few days of nervousness until they find a Chinese writer to verify that it doesn't actually say "douche". And for some reason, that little bit of dickishness gives me great joy. (Lesson, "Don't tattoo anything that you aren't 100% sure of, on your body!")


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