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Ahmed Mohamed, forever known as Clock Boy, came to school with something that looked like a home-made time bomb in a breifcase, and was questioned for looking at it, and having a timer go off.

To the rational, a kid with a simulated bomb was something that required further investigation. To progressive snowflakes it was racial profiling. Obama of course invited him to the white-house for his innovative use of simulated explosives, and he was rewarded with Liberal Institutions College scholarships for best simulated terrorism they'd seen all year.

The wannabe suicide bomber of course sued Texas for daring to try to prevent the bombing of their kids. And later the lawsuit was dismissed and laughed out of court. As were his lawsuits against Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro for reporting the truth about his background. Ahmed's supporters look like the rubes they were for helping a kid parlay a bomb-threat in 15 minutes of fame and tried to bilk people of millions from nuisance lawsuits.