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Ad Hominem
If they don't have facts, many distract and ad hominem (attack the messenger), as a distraction. It shows that uncomfortable truths are beyond the attackers current ego carrying-capacity.
Following en mass doesn't make you a thinker. But if you don't know what you're talking about, at least there's comfort knowing that you're not alone. Science isn't consensus, science is what happened when one guy proves the consensus wrong. ❞
Appeal to Authority
Science is skepticism. Consensus/popularity or assuming one expert trumps all the others, is politics. So you have a right to defer your responsibility as a thinking individual to someone who knows more than you on a topic: just don't assume that everyone else must do the same. ❞
Begging the Question
Putting your righteousness into framing the argument. "Since we know I'm right, we know that you must be wrong!" Only we don't know you're right, thus we don't know if I'm wrong. ❞
Citation needed
It's not that I don't trust you... I don't trust anyone. So you should either support your argument, or welcome that I'm a critical thinker, responsible enough to ask you to support your point with some evidence that we can all trust. ❞
Cherry Picking
Making a reasoned decisions is based on considering all the evidence at your disposal, and making an informed decision based on that. Cherry picking is finding the outlier, and ignoring everything else. ❞
Echo Chamber
Think Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders arguing about minimum wage with Milton Friedman. It doesn't matter what Milton says, because if the Democrats could learn, they wouldn't be Democrats any more. They'll just try to over-talk or ignore everything they don't like. ❞
False Causality
Also called Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc ("After this, therefore because of this"). Examples: Homeopathic medicine. Bananas cause cancer, because most people that have cancer have eaten bananas. And Women cause you to get fat and grey, proven by what happened to me after marriage. ❞
Godwin's law
If any argument goes long enough, someone will compare someone/something to Hitler. Illegitimately comparing someone to Hitler is a Non-sequitur Fallacy. Incorrectly calling Godwin's law on someone who correctly compares something to Hitler/Nazi's/Fascists, is called a distraction fallacy. ❞
A grammatician fallacy is usually just a distraction fallacy. When someone is forced to think about facts that make them uncomfortable, they'll desperately try to find something wrong with the argument. If not in the logic, they'll try the spelling/grammar to get others to chase the new shiny red ball. ❞
Reductio ad absurdum
Reduction to absurdity is where the slippery slope meets the straw man fallacy. Someone claims that some drugs should be illegal, so the other person pretends that means that ALL drugs should be illegal. Or you ask your Italian Mom if you can get your ears pierced and she accuses you of wanting to look like a circus freak!" ❞
Non sequitur
Means: "it does not follow". Gun Control arguments like murders are higher in USA than UK or Japan, and Americans have more guns, therefor guns cause murders is a complete non-sequitur. Americans also have more blacks and latinos that commit those murders. Just like guns don't cause murder, neither do Blacks or Mexicans (but gangs and violent subcultures do). ❞
Moving the goalpost
The history of Gun Control is a series of moving goalposts. Each of the 30,000 gun control laws has been the last reasonable thing they needed, until the next one. ❞
Proof Reversal
The burden of proof resides with someone making a claim. Single payer, gun control, free college, progressive taxes, minimum wage increases, etc, will make things better: prove it. Skepticism is science! ❞
Guilt by Association
Two things that share one trait, doesn't mean they share any other traits. Stop assuming otherwise. ❞
Rephrase the opponents argument into something more "winnable". Basically folks that use this once, might be an accident. Use it twice in a discussion, they're just a intellectual asshat that's trolling. ❞