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One of the most popular propaganda generators is OOA / "Opposite of America" Facebook page, created by US Uncut, which is probably another George Soros funded front group. (Not disimilar to ThinkProgress, MoveOn, OccupyDemocrats, or many other sites that exist to misrepresent truth for the sake of an agenda). Despite claims that they're "grass roots", all the groups they associate with have ties back to Soros organizations ( Black Lives Matters, Occupy, etc), and they all, got funding directly or indirectly from the same places -- and have all claimed to be "grass roots", only to be discovered as astroturf (fake grass roots organizations, sponsored by activist organizations).

If you read the fine print, they admit the quotes are made-up, "it’s not too different than the Onion. We aren’t trying to fool anyone and we don’t use fake quotes on anything else". Oh, other than the actual key meme's they propagate? Which actively deceives the gullible that don't know better?! But worse than that, is the facts/implications behind the meme's are even more misleading or flat-out falsehoods and lies than the quotes themselves.

RARE and others have been debunking them as fast as they can, but it's hard to keep ahead of bullshit:


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