Micah Xavier Johnson (BLM)

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Enter, Micah Xavier Johnson, Black Lives Matter member, part of a black power organizations (including Black Panthers). He goes out and shoots at "white people", especially cops, to get them back for an imagined injustice that he's too ignorant to know the math on. Of course the guy was discharged from the military under less than great circumstances, there were some warnings of his trending fanaticism/racism, but since it was black racism, it would be racist to recognize it as racist.

Of course the press also got the gun type he used wrong, and reported it as an assault rifle. It was a 70 year old SKS, which has no features in common with the dreaded assault rifle. But who expects the Press to get the basic facts right any more, especially when there's an opportunity to divide us on something else: believing in the Constitutional recognized liberties?

Well Micah was a "lone shooter". An outlier. No pattern here. It doesn't count. Something the media and left would never say if it was a conservative or NRA member. Plus it's not really true if you look at how many other officers were targeted in Tennessee, Kansas, Louisiana, Georgia and Missouri for the same misguided reasons. Even Micah's sister was rationalizing the radicalization that got her brother killed. It's not a coordinated attack, but it's still for the same reasons. (Ignorance and hate).