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Trying to decide which major channel is worse on news is not easy, thanks to all of them vying for the title of least trustable. Here's some of NBC's lowlights.


  • 2018.10.12 - Robert E. Lee - Trump does a speech in Ohio, on how great Ulysses S. Grant was (an Ohio native). And to do so, you mention the greatness of the foes he overcame: so in passing, he mentioning that Robert E. Lee was a great general... and was defeated by Grant. NBC spun that sentence fragment into a “WATCH: President Trump says ‘Robert E. Lee was a great general’ during Ohio rally, calling the Confederate leader ‘incredible.'” -- and creates a twitter and media storm about how tone deaf and racist Trump is. Only Trump said that Grant was the "incredible" one. It took NBC two days to quietly retract -- but as usually, there 3,000 retweets and 6,000 likes of the FakeNews, and FakeNews is inventing a meme by omitting context and inventing "of course Trump loves the confederate General" through sloppy reporting. [1]
    • P.S. Robert E. Lee was a great General, he gave up slaves before the war and before Grant did, he spoke/wrote against the institution of Slavery, he gave us Arlington Cemetery, and was a celebrated American general both before and after the Civil War. So whether he was a Confederate or not, doesn't change what he was, despite the left's Stalin'esque efforts to whitewash history.


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