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The NHS is the UK's Nationalized Healthcare Service and was established in 1948 as one of the major social reforms following the Second World War. It has resulted in some of the worst outcomes for cancer and many other ailments in the first world. When things are "Free", you often get what you pay for.

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Charlie Gard - In 2017 the leftist Press put a near blackout on the topic, because it didn't fit their political agenda, but Charlie Gard was a victim of Single-Payer "Healthcare" and an example of a "death panel": (1) A terminally ill infant presented with a rare disease (2) A couple of children with the same disease (caught in early progression) had been treated in the U.S. (3) The parents wanted to take their kid to the U.S. and try to save their child's life. (4) The UK's infamously bad NHS system did not want to spend the money -- so a death panel denied their claim. (5) The Parents raised the money for the treatment themselves and appealed. (6) The death panel decided to put the kid in a hospice and take away his ventilator until he died. (7) Cost savings achieved... but don't call it a death panel.

Alfie Evans - In 2018 a repeat of Charlie Gard also happened and was also suppressed by the leftist media. (1) Alfie Evans, another child with a rare a debilitating disease (2) the UK's NHS decided it would be in their best financial interest if Alfie just died and stopped costing them money (3) The Parents fought and lost a legal battle against euthanizing their son (4) The Parents appealed to Italy and got him Italian citizenship to get around the order, and the Italian Consolate warned the NHS against murdering one of their citizens (5) The NHS removed his ventilator anyways, against the Parents wishes. Cost savings achieved. Just don't call it a death panel.


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