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RMVP or Propagandaministerium of America. They exist to take things out of context, lie, distort, and feel that any means to their ends (of furthering the power of government over the people) is justified. At least based on their actions. If you can't look at anything they post, and find at least 10 things wrong with it, then you're not qualified to have a discussion.

I will add highlights (lowlights) to this section on various lies/frauds/disinformation, as I find them.

Brokaw, Occupy Democrats, and Alternate History

This video is the perfect example of what's wrong in America: the igno-arrogance of the left lecturing us on their alternate reality (made up of half-truths at best), total disregard for facts, and lack of shame in their own actions. Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing, except that there are so many that believe this stuff.


Here's a good example of some of their memes:

Versus reality:

So it's not that I think it's all Obama's fault (though I think he certainly contributed to some of the problems). The point is that they actively work to mislead people, and make them dumber and more Democrat, but I repeat myself. Not that I think all Democrats are dumb, it's the 90% of the vocal ones that give the rest a bad name. And you can tell them apart, by anyone that would link anything from Occupy Democrats without the intent to mock it for being misleading propaganda.