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Fake Hate still feels like hate. This talks about the post-Trump election and how the left acted, to the point of sock puppetry and committing many acts of hate (like Swastika's and attacks) to try to frame the other side.

I'm 100% sure there's asshats on both sides of the aisle, blaming the other side for doing less than they are is a normal form of bias. And there's nothing in this article intended on saying the worst behavior of either side is "excusable". Both sides should cut it out. But as a society we should not tolerate complete bullshit from the left claiming that their bad behavior is justified, or that the other side is somehow worse (when we have no evidence of it). So I’m not making excuses for either, I’m just calling bullshit. Both sides should stop. And if you're stupid enough to claim your side is saintly, then here are a few examples to show how clueless, biased and wrong you are.

Facts and examples

That being said, here’s a few statements of facts, which are all verified by the links in references. Many have called me a liar, or stated comments are untrue, so I’m just keeping facts for them to educate themselves with.

I have no illusions that facts will change the polemics minds, but it at least gives more objective observes an ability to refine their views. So while I can’t be comprehensive (and track every claim on both sides), nor validate every one, I can at least offer enough evidence to disprove the frauds claiming “only the other side has behaved poorly”.

  1. We know that many Trump supporters were assaulted during the campaign (a few hundred in many rally’s), and the rhetoric of “racist, bigot, xenophobe” sets a tone [1]
  2. The Wikileaks emails showed that the Clinton Campaign and DNC were sponsoring and encouraging it (paid agitators) who pretended to be the other side (sock puppetry) and to assault folks in hopes to agitate responses [2]
  3. We know that there has been dozens of assaults and a few murders this year by BLM against whites and cops (Dems don’t have a problem with violence, just violence against their side) [3]
  4. We know there were mass protest and riots by anti-trump (antifa) rioters and agitators, with assaults -- we had virtually no cases of Trump supporters breaking into Hillary events and assaulting folks, or assaulting them as they left/entered events [4]
  5. We know there are assaults against Trump supporters or just whites, since Trump -- those are seldom national newsworthy, but every accusation the other way is. [1]
  6. We have evidence that there might have been a few racially motivated assaults the other way. But we don't know how many were in response to the news about all of the above (backlash).
  7. Then there’s the smugness, melodrama and tone that also antagonizes a response ("I'll give you something to cry about" syndrome) -- that doesn't excuse the assaults or vandalism, but it sure changes what's the easiest way to fix it. ("Stop provoking your brother!")
  8. We know that many (most?) of biggest racist attacks by the presumed right, have been hoaxes [5]

In the end, without accurate pre/post measurements, or knowing how many are real. We don't know which side is worse, or if things have gotten worse. What we know is that the more the left provokes (others or themselves), the worse things get.

Nothing new

And before you think this is true because “Trump is worse”, or this is new. This is the same stuff the Democrats do whenever they lose. They did it under Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and now Trump. If you doubt it, here’s a quote or two that reminds you of the same techniques of hate, just a different election:

November 1980
"I am scared that if Ronald Reagan gets in office, we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party."
Corretta Scott King
“[Reagan was] trying to replace the Bill of Rights with fascist precepts lifted verbatim from Mein Kampf.”
Rep. William Clay
Esquire Magazine
"voters who supported Reagan were like the ‘good Germans’ in ‘Hitler’s Germany.”
Harry Stein

Now a few will claim, "but this shit happened in 2009 as well". Well, not really. Republicans aren't saints, but more of them have jobs and aren't angry college kids, agitators, or layabouts. So most don't seem to have time for this crap. The sum total of their evidence is a few small isolated incidents, according to the discredited SPLC (an organization that exists to scare gullible old white liberals into thinking Hitler youth is about to take over the country)[6]


The point isn’t “democrats are worse than republicans”, if you know history, you know that’s true. (Mostly because dems appealed more to youth, disenfranchised and labor/left, which all have more histories of violence). But that's irrelevant to the bigger point which is that we either keep agitating and escalating, and foment anger on both sides.

If you work hard enough, we might have a violent insurrection and make us permanently divided until we destroy ourselves (like happened to many other countries). Or we tell both sides to chill the fuck out, stop with the hysterics.

So neither side gets to claim innocence or make excuses: you don’t control the other side, you only control you/your side.

If there’s nothing your side did that you’re ashamed of, then you’re the problem.
If there is anything, then stop making excuses and tell your side to calm down.
Since I didn’t vote for either side, I’m one of the few that gets to at least claim my hands are clean.


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