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I generally hate personal hit pieces against people, but enjoy karmetic revenge if: (a) are actually exposing the truth (instead of just twisting it) (b) they shred bad arguments/points (correct the record) and back it up, instead of just personal attacks (c) they are against sacred cows like Krugman (or Gore or Moore, etc) that the rest of the media considers off limits. This one made me giggle.

Paul Krugman is a discredited joke to real economists (more of political animal you accuse AEI of being), with whole sites in economic circles dedicated to mocking his contradictions with either himself, or basic economic theory.

I love Paul, he's like an idiot savant without any special talent. No one in the economic press is as persistently and consistently wrong as he is (there are sites dedicated to debunking and mocking him), he even manages to time his flip-flops to be stay wrong when situations change. So while Mini-Marx (Robert Reich III), often tries to keep up, he's just not in the same caliber.

🗒️ NOTE:

I don't mention this to make fun of the intellectually impaired. It's the followers that deserve the scorn. The only thing worse than being the dumbest kid in school, is to follow the dumbest kid in school around, telling everyone how great he is.

And funny you should mention the NYT, because if you're looked at my sources (instead of cherry picking), I'd included NYT as well, and if you looked at the AEI articles and other articles I offered, you'd see that many linked thru to such non-credible sources as 500 economists (including 3 nobel laureates: Vernon Smith, Edward Prescott and Eugene Fama) writing an open letter on what a bad idea raising the minimum wage it. I had Bill Gates, saying the same thing. And if you add in all the other dead Nobel winners that agree minimum wage has negative impacts, the list gets much larger. Friedrich Hayek won the Nobel Prize as well, for showing the dispersed knowledge problem (proving why command economies: e.g. those with central controls including price/wage controls, statistically underperform more free/dispersed economies). Paul got his for a microeconomic proof of showing how some economies are more specialized than others, and for being liberal enough, right before Obama got his peace prize for most creative use of drones.


Krugman may have once been an accomplished micro-economist, but he was a mock-worthy Keynesian macro-economist (which is an oxymoron). More than that, since going to the NYT, he's put on his polemic propagandist had, and put politics above economics.