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Voters get the democracy they deserve, or demand through votes. While there are certainly a few Republicans/Conservative voices I'll add to this list, there's a reason the majority come from the other side of the aisle. I suspect it's because "the left" is younger and better at rationalizing bad behavior (or avoiding mirrors), but whatever the cause, if you support any of these people you don't get to claim the moral high ground on rhetoric.

They say "you are what you do", you're the sum of your work, and your work is a reflection of your soul. While some of Sorkin's stuff is mildly entertaining, I'd be embarrassed if I was him. Of course he probably isn't, which tells me what I need to know about him.
Main article: Aaron Sorkin
A list of issues, articles and scandals that pertain to Barack Obama. Again, the point isn't to be fair here: it's to be honest. I don't care how people vote, or who they support. I do care about correcting revisionist history. This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good he's accomplished as a politicians or person (there was some, though it is a much shorter list), if you want fawning puff pieces, read/watch the water carriers in the left-wing media. This is meant to counter-balance those who claimed or tolerate his claims that the administration was scandal free. The full list of scandals for the Community Organizer in Chief sits around 800
Main article: Barack Obama
Hypocritical Senator with a lifetime of frauds, flakes, flip-flops, and double-speak. With Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Michelle Obama, Sandra Fluke, and so on, the one thing the Democrat Party needs is another loud-mouthed, abrasive and lying Women without a clue on economics.
Main article: Elizabeth Warren

Here's a brief summary of Hillary's scandals (with links to more on each of them). This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good she's accomplished as a politicians or person (though I suspect that would be a much, much shorter list), the intent is just to show what the pattern of scandals and questionable behavior that her detractors recognized and her proponents ignored. If you want the pro-Hillary spin just listen to her, read the NYT, or watch CNN or MSNBC, they run water-carrying puff pieces on her all day long.

Main article: Hillary Clinton

James Robert Clapper is an Obama crony, serial liar, Russia conspiracy theorist, former Director of National Intelligence. So far, he was caught perjuring himself to congress by saying that "the NSA does not collect information on Americans"... then the NSA program that did that was exposed. He apologized for a mistake, then lied about that. He lied about releasing all the Osama Bin Laden documents. He lied about Obama administration spying on Trump, then when caught, he said it's OK because it's a good thing for Trump. He was involved in the suppression and tainting of intelligence information on ISIS's rise. He lied about the scale or intent of Russian involvement in the election. Then he wrote a book about Russian involvement in the election ($110M of $10B spent, and most of it for Sanders or spent after the election) was somehow what changed the election outcome (without any evidence to back any of it up). And he has been treated like the most honest celebrity the leftist media has ever met. Anyone or any program that doesn't question his credibility, or note past lies of his, is intentionally misleading their readers/viewers.

Main article: James Clapper

You've probably heard of Jim Jones, the Jonestown cult, and references to drinking the Kool-aid. And you might have heard the basics that 900 people died in Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978, because a religious cult leader convinced them drink the cyanide laced Kool-aid, and commit mass suicide. But if you don't know that Jim Jones was the first transracial Marxist, given the MLK award, was called the most influential Democrat on the West Coast, and was supported by Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, George Moscone, John Burton, Diane Feinstein, and was appointed to head Housing and Human Services in San Francisco, then you've been a victim of propaganda, and don't really know what happened.

Main article: Jim Jones

John Oliver is Jon Stewards perpetually outraged successor, but it feels like he's Jon's British Socialist cousin -- which isn't a big stretch as sympathy for statism seems to run deep in that family. It's their schtick: look at everything in the world as if you're channelling Mao or Michael Moore, if either had an occasionally amusing sense of humor. They're funny, if you don't think too deeply of their policies and consequences. But if you do, they're just Patch Adams telling crippled jokes to amputees at Walter Reed hospital.

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I must say, after seeing her speak and reading multiple things by her (books, articles, etc), Madeleine Albright (Marie Jana Korbelová) is a vicious, small minded and fundamentally dishonest person. IMHO, of course. She served under Bill Clinton as the Secretary of State (1997-2001), and is one of the few that served under him, without that literally being true. I can't say I blame him, dishonest people are a turn-off. This goes into a few things about her.

Main article: Madeleine Albright

Progressive activist racist eugenicist founded Planned Parenthood to exterminate as many inferior (brown) babies as possible, to advance white protestantism. The party that loves to hate and remove Confederate heroes and statues has no problem worshiping at the feet of their bigots: proving all standards don't apply equally.

Main article: Margaret Sanger
Micheal Moore, the idiot savant without any latent talent. He's like Joseph Goebbels without the success, charm or professional integrity.
Main article: Michael Moore
Milo Yiannopoulos is a flamboyant gay conservative tech-journalist, entrepreneur, public speaker (whose Dad is Jewish), with a penchant for Black partners. The left calls him a racist, homophobic anti-semite hate-monger, based on his pet causes and perpetual attacks against: political correctness, fascist-feminism, and Social Justice Warriors attacks on him, free speech, and anyone that doesn't agree with them.
Main article: Milo Yiannopoulos
Trying to keep all the stupid, polemic and foloneous things our village idiot has to say, is a Sisyphusian task. So I just cherry pick as I go. Maybe some day, this could grow into a website of it's own. But personally, I don't have the energy to focus on that much dumb negativity. She's a downer.
Main article: Nancy Pelosi

Samantha Bee is a non-funny Comedian, nasty partisan polemic, with lousy ratings. She also used sexist and derogatory speech that would have gotten any conservative fired (and did scare away some of her advertisers): but hyper-partisans on her network have protected her from the consequences of her incompetence, in ways they never would have if they had a competent and conservative talent.

Main article: Samantha Bee

Stephen Colbert has a quote that goes, "Isn't an agnostic just an atheist without balls?". I'd retort that isn't a polemic pundit hiding behind the label of "comedian", just a bigot without balls? It's kinda like Josef Mengele claiming he was just an anthropologist. Colbert is famous for parlaying a mocking character on The Daily Show, into a low rating show called the Colbert Report, where he was a sock puppet for the DNC, and pretends to be a conservative commentator by mocking all their positions in straw man form (e.g. reducing all their points to an extreme that he could more easily handle than the truth). With low ratings, hyper-partisan bias, and an embarassingly uninformed audience, he was the perfect choice for taking over The Late Show from another un-funny DNC sock-puppet (who had sex with most of his female staff), David Letterman. Colbert has exceeded Letterman by being every bit as unfunny, nasty, and small minded as his predecessor.

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