Q: What about Russian trolls, and Social Media?

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A: There's nothing there. While FakeNews (CNN, etc) will sensationalize this to no end, there's no there, there. Here's some basics:
  • there was no huge spend, the amount contributed was infentesimal and had no impact on the election
  • Sensationalizing how many people "saw" an ad or a post means nothing. How many things might you have scrolled by and never paid attention to, or only linked to in order to mock?
  • there's no big Russian troll army -- the Wikileaks stuff showed the Democrats have a larger army of paid trolls, not to mention unpaid ones, being SJW's and attacking anyone with which they disagree
  • Just because someone is Russian, doesn't mean they're operatives of Putin, any more than George Soros and Koch Brothers represent Donald Trump

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