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This is a list of violence (usually against conservatives or MAGA supporters), that you may not have read or seen much about. The point being that if this is news to you, and some of these are more horrific and newsworthy than lesser things that you have heard about, then that's evidence of FakeNews. That your information is being censored (filtered) and you're not getting a balanced view of reality.


  1. We know that hundreds of Trump supporters were assaulted during the campaign, and the rhetoric of “racist, bigot, xenophobe” sets a tone
  2. The Wikileaks emails showed that the Clinton Campaign and DNC were sponsoring and encouraging it using paid agitators and sock puppets (who pretended to be conservatives) and to assault folks in hopes to agitate responses
  3. We know that there has been dozens of assaults and a few murders by BLM against whites and cops (Dems don’t have a problem with violence, just violence against their side)
  4. We know there were mass riots, vandalism and assaults by anti-trump (Antifa) rioters and agitators.
  5. We had no cases of Trump supporters breaking into Hillary events and assaulting folks, or assaulting them as they left/entered events.
  6. We know there are many more assaults against Trump supporters or just whites, since Trump -- those just seldom make national news. While almost every accusation the other way is.
  7. We have evidence that there might have been a few racially motivated assaults by trump supporters, but we don't know how many were backlash (in response to all the DNC assaults on Republicans first).
  8. Then there’s the smugness, melodrama and tone that also antagonizes a response. That doesn't excuse assaults or vandalism, but the context matters.
  9. We know that many (most?) of the racist attacks by the right, have been hoaxes (See FakeHate).


Violence seems to only really bug the left, when if it is against minorities who are not white, cops, conservatives, and so on. For those minorities, they just make excuses. Here's a list of stories that were often underplayed, or context was omitted. 40 items

  • Memes-Fake-or-Real-Hate - Meme's aren't exactly News, but they do show tone or demonstrate some hypocrisy. Here's a few meme's about Fake/Real hate.
  • 2019.03.09 Trans-Woman linked to many hate crimes - Police arrested a black transgender woman (Thomas Herd) that attacked a white couple in the Bronx, and is likely behind a series of pepper-spray black-on-white hate-crimes in Manhattan. (11 attacks in total).
  • 2019.03.03 Dog Walking - Performance "artists" (activist group called Indecline), did this event they called "Hatebreed", where “men and women of color and members of the LGBT community” placed leashes and custom made dog collars on white men in red M.A.G.A. hats (all named “racist white man”), and walked them on all fours up and down Hollywood Boulevard.
  • 2019.02.21 Conservative attacked at Berkeley - More of the same -- a conservative was physically assault for not being left-wing enough at UC Berkeley, the media doesn't care because while conservatives are a minority at UC's, it's not a minority that they care about. Ask yourself if you think the media would have picked up the story if a black student was attacking at LSU, or a latino at UT, and it gives you an idea of the hypocrisy (double standard).
  • 2019.02.19 Scott Presler - Gay conservative activist Scott Presler had a group of men throw projectiles and insulted him for being gay.
  • 2019.02.19 Abib Ascencio - A far-left anti-ICE activist filmed herself harassing an elderly man in a Make America Great Again hat at a thrift store, with "“brave enough to wear it out, I’m brave enough to call you out.” When called out on it, Abib quickly chickened out and protected her Twitter account so people couldn't see her handiwork.
  • 2019.02.17 Sams Club - For wearing MAGA hats at a Sam’s Club (Bowling Green, Kentucky), James Phillips flipped them off, then when confronted on it, pulled a gun and threatened to shoot the couple (Terry and Cherrie Pierce). James was arrested for first degree wanton endangerment.
  • 2019.02.15 MAGA hat Illegal - Woman (Rosiane Santos) assaults man (Bryton Turner) at a Mexican Restaurant (Casa Vallarta) for wearing a MAGA hat... is asked to leave by cops, refuses, gets arrested. Turns out once fingerprinted, she's an illegal immigrant from Brazil, who also committed a DUI (on a prior occasion) and is now on the path to deportation.
  • 2019.02.06 Assassination "Joke" - Jemele Hill (of ESPN and the Atlantic) made a tweet (now deleted) saying AOC should interrupt Trump's next State of the Union address, with the following quote, "GETCHO HAND OUT MY POCKET". This was what one of Malcom-X's killers said before murdering him. Jemele deleted the tweet and apologized, but few believe it was a joke.
  • 2018.11.17 Marine Attacks - Two Marines were severely assaulted by an Antifa mob (severe beating) for walking through downtown Philadelphia. (They were presumed to be "White Supremacists).
  • 2017.01.20 Inauguration Day violence - During Inauguration Day (before Trump could have done anything to warrant it), Hillary Supporters and Anti-Trumpers came out to commit violence, vandalism, and riots all over the nation. 230 were arrested, thousands more got away.
  • 2016.11.16 march of students in Rockville, Maryland - Fifteen year old Trump supporter was assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat, during the "peaceful" march of Students protest. Four students carrying “Love Trumps Hate,” signs, surrounded and hit and kicked the victim, in the name of tolerance.
  • 2016.11.13 FL arrest for water throwing - Snowflake throws water on Trump supporters in Fort Lauderdale, and gets arrested... then cries victim. How dare you interfere with her God-Given right to assault people for their beliefs!
  • 2016.11.13 College Park High School Teacher Punched - College Park (California) teachers were attempting to block passage to students from "nearby schools" who were on campus “recruiting” for an anti-Donald Trump protest, and one teacher was punched in the face.
  • 2016.11.12 Two Men Attack Trump Supporter in Meriden, Ct - Two male suspects (Wilson Eschevarria and Anthony Hobdy) stopped their car, got out of the vehicle, and began punching and kicking a man in the traffic island for waving an American flag and holding a Trump election sign.
  • 2016.11.11 Female anti-bullying ambassador arrested - Shacara McLaurin (the ambassador for "Stomp Out Bullying") was arrested for felony assault at Trump Tower protest for pushing man (74), to the ground (where he hit his head on the cement) in fight over the new President-elect
  • 2016.11.10 Grubhub CEO Trump supporters should resign - Hillary supporter Matt Maloney penned nastygram to all employees that included, "If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here", to show the kind of tolerance the tech-left has for those with different political views.
  • 2016.11.09 Eleven year old assaulted for supporting Trump - Stafford Elementary had a mock election, and when asked who voted for Trump, the kid that said, "I did" took a beating from many classmates that took a suspiciously long time to stop, with no evidence of disciplinary action taken.
  • 2016.11.02 NBC Goons beat me up - Guy wore anti-Bill Clinton T-Shirt to NBC Today Show, and was bloodied and bruised by NBC security. When he complained, NBC retorted that wearing that shirt, he was asking for it. There is a lawsuit.
  • 2016.09.30 San Diego assault - A SDSU student (Feras Jabro) was doing citizen journalism in El Cajon, where protests were happening over the shooting of Alfred Olango (Ugandan refugee, repeat drug dealer and felon) after Alfred pulled a large vape pen from his pocket, got in a shooting stance while pointing it at a cop, who returned fire. Feras was filming day-2 of the BlackLivesMatters protests and asking questions while wearing a MAGA hat, and was beaten, kicked, and had bottles thrown at him while he fled the scene. CBS News and Reuters reported it as a peaceful protest, and Feras as the agitator (for beating the assailants fists and feet with his face?). A separate cameraman was also mugged.
  • 2016.07.07 Micah Xavier Johnson - Black Lives Matter member and part of other black power organizations (including Black Panthers), goes out and shoots 16 people (killing 5 cops), to get cops/whites back for the fake injustices of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. The press got the gun wrong (not assault rifle), and downplayed his associations with BLM, pretending their agitation had nothing to do with it.
  • 2016 anti-Semitism is suddenly uncool - There were 7,000 incidents of anti-semitism during the 8 years of Obama (1,211 in the first year alone). Loosely 3 a day, while the Friend-of-Farrakhan was in office. But it went largely unreported by his allies in the media. While the U.S. might have seen as much as a 10% rise since Trump, Germany saw a 16% increase in the same period without him. Many of the U.S. ones will be debunked later. Nobody thinks harassment is OK, but many of us recognize that the sudden media interest in antisemitism, coinciding with the election of Trump, is more that pure coincidence.
  • 2016 Election - We know that many (hundreds) of Trump's supporters were assaulted during the campaign. And that there was virtually no corollary violence at Hillary or Bernie rally's. Wikileaks and Project Veritas showed that the Clinton Campaign and DNC were sponsoring and encouraging it (paid agitators), and even assaulting others while pretending to be Republicans (Sock Puppets). And we know that screaming “racist, bigot, deplorable, xenophobe” in someone's face (as the left does constantly) sets a tone that's like to set things on edge.
  • 2012.07.19 Masterpiece Cakeshop - Jack Phillips was approached by a gay couple that asked him to bake them a wedding cake. He politely explained that Colorado didn't recognize gay marriage (yet), and due to his religion, he wouldn't use his tradecraft to do custom work for an issue that violated his personal beliefs (he said he wouldn't bake a cake that would slur the LGBT community either), but he'd happily serve them and they could buy anything else in the store (he'd even make them birthday cakes or for any other occasion). The gay activists, which had easy access to dozens of other stores flipped him off, yelled, "Fuck You and your homophobic cake shop", and put the information on social media and sicked the Gay-Mafia (nasty activists) on Jack and the shop, who harassed him and polarized the issue (Real Hate). The media misrepresented the story (FakeNews). The accusations against Jack were disproven (Fake Hate). The Colorado Civil rights commission violated Jack's civil rights by siding with the LGBT-Fascists, and was later slapped down by the Supreme Court. So the gay-activists sued/attacked/harassed Jack again... and lost again (Real Hate). They don't seem to care that Christians have civil rights too.


This is just a small sampling of items that I caught flying under the radar, or at least that many on the left will try to brush under the rug. A comprehensive list would be much longer. Remember that context when you hear of a much less common right on left or white on minority crime (which is much, much rarer than the other way around).

And this combines with Fake Hate, (stories that you first heard were Hate crimes, etc., and later turned out to be hoaxes), to tell the whole story of how much the public, especially the left, is mislead -- or has their views skewed by twisting stories they do hear, and omitting other information that's quite material.

None of this is to diminish that there still is real hate in America. But it is rare, and often directed at the right. Fake Hate still feels like hate. Rationalizing bad things, and trying to pin your crimes on the other side is as old as politics, and certainly the Republicans/conservatives have done it as well. But by nature of youth, Unions, low-education, disenfranchised and the media all favoring the left, from making excuses for the Indian Genocides, for racial lynching and the KKK, or interning the Japanese/Germans/Italians during WWII, 60's and 70's radicals, Antifa, BLM, the Unabomber, or democrats paying thugs to beat up Trump supporters at Trump rally's, and so on, the left has always been more willing to go there. And the media has been willing to suppress the sides of stories they don't like. If anything in here is News to you, then the News hasn't been doing its job.