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There's a new attack by the far-left on anyone that is rational (conservative or libertarian) that they must be a Russian Bot. Maxine Waters used it, even BezosBlog (WaPo) is known for doing this. I've been accused a few times. The following facts come to mind:

  1. Sure, the Russians are ones that want to protect America's borders, our economy, and our freedoms from the marxists on the far left.
  2. What the Russians did was a minuscule fraction of what Soros, the media, and the far left threw at the same issues. The left imagines some small army, but the numbers I saw was like $50K in ad buys, and a handful of trolls. And most of their support was for folks like Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and things that aligned with the left, and undermining American liberty. Compared to hundreds of thousand of leftist zealots undermining our interests for free? (Not to mention the bias of those Social Media outlets themselves).

Why pay people to undermine our interest, when they have the DNC as their allies? I know which I have more concerns about.


This is a form attack that I get from the far left:

❝ The fact is we know that the Russians, disquised as Americans, are sending messages via the internet in order to cause Americans to lose faith in their government and to feel hopeless and powerless. That is the message I am getting from your comments. ❞

Maxine Waters and Twitter

Maxine, the perpetual liar and insulter, accused someone of being a Russian Bot, and they retorted that she was a retarded, corrupt, and has a bad wig... and they blocked the rebutter for 7 days. The lie of calling someone a Russian asset isn't an insult, but pointing out the truth that they wear a bad wig/weave is. Which isn't bad, if Twitter applied the rules fairly/consistently, but the left regularly says 10x worse to conservatives and is virtually never blocked or punished. James Woods decided to double down and tweeted, "That’s a wig? I thought it was a service animal..." Another replied, "I wonder what it eats?", and someone else retorted "[if brains,] It must be starving". Old joke, but particularly apropos.


Democracy dies in darkness. Darkness is when you can't argue the merits of an argument, so you Ad Hominem the person instead, or repeat known falsehoods to take a debate away from uncomfortable truths.


Think it through. Obama being more flexible after elections, Hillary selling them our Uranium, both letting Putin Annex Crimea and parts of Ukraine, while the Democrats/Media are undermining our election and sowing seeds of doubt on it's validity (with Fake Dossiers)? Russians aren't stupid. Why pay, when the Dems will undermine us for free? And if you are going to pay, which side is better at undermining faith in our Government/Country? (One that wants to take us back to free'er markets and more liberty, or the one that live in an Alternate Reality and sees everything the U.S. does or has done as bad?

Lenin called them useful idiots, people who drank the cool aid of marxist dogma, and didn't even realize they were tools. The impression I get from anyone that accuses someone else of being a Russian bot, is that they are one of those tools. When you can't discuss arguments, topics or facts, you attack people. How very Soviet.