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Scampeachment the non-impeachment impeachment, where the Constitution and historical process/norms are ignored, so that Pelosi can try to circumvent Democracy and election her side lost, torpedo the next election, and give her side cover and leak rumors, without having to be accountable. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco
This impeachment (scampeachment/shampeachment) is
  • Congress takes a vote on whether to impeach, and it loses 364-58 (+2 Democrats hid and voted "present"). Since voting on it would make Democrats accountable, Pelosi sets up a system to go around that and not have another vote, they invented the unprecedented idea of an impeachment "inquiry", which is impeachment without the process of impeachment (presumption of guilt, and no rules/norms).
    • This is similar to the scam of making Nixon an unnamed co-conspirator, so that the Democrats could slander him and he couldn't cross examine witnesses or mount any defense against the slurs against his name.
  • Prior impeachment hearings you had a special counsel that was appointed by the department of justice who oversaw this phase of the impeachment, since the Democrats have refused to name a crime/scope the President is guilty of, or even vote on an impeachment, the DOJ can't/won't create a special counsel. (You are barred by law and oath of office from just fishing for crimes).
  • The problem is that when the Democrats put their "witnesses" up, they get eviscerated as the partisan deep-state frauds that they are (like happened with Mueller), and they don't hold to scrutiny. So Pelosi played politics, as she always does, and created this process so they would have no accountability for slandering the President in a non-impeachment impeachment (e.g. scampeachment).
  • While others impeachments had a defined scope in writing, this does not.
  • The others had established rules and procedures, named in advance, this does not.
  • The others tried to have credible process, people running it, and look non-partisan. This was the antithesis of that with partisan hacks like Schiff running part of it after he was caught lying a few dozen times about having irrefutable evidence on Russia that he was did not.
  • In the past subpoena power was granted to both parties, not in this case.
  • In the past, counsel could cross examine witnesses and present evidence, or hear what was being said. Not in this case.

So this is about never trumpers making a mockery of the prior process (and looking for excuses why the rules don't apply to them), because the constitution doesn't specifically stop them. So they are going to rape the spirit of the law, and all precedent, because they can. It's a scam that violates all prior norms, and something that we should not tolerate from elected officials.

Scampeachment : 4 items

Senate on Scampeachment - When hyper-partisans in the House, use unusually partisan rules, to do a mock investigation, violate someone's civil rights (to face their accusers, provide a defense, see the evidence, and so on), then the Senate and NO politician that took an oath of office, should respect the proceedings. In fact their oath of office demands that they ignore it, as this violates the spirit (if not letter) of the Constitution. So the Senate will ignore Pelosi's Scampeachment. Then the Democrats and their press will blame the partisanism of the Senate. (Which is the norm: democrats accuse the other side of what they are doing). Whereas if the congress did their jobs, and followed the procedural norms, and they could find any "evidence" (not here-say of partisans), it would be far harder for the Senate to ignore. So the Democrats are dividing us, as they always do, and guaranteeing their own failure, as they often do.

Excuses for Scampeachment - Some dishonest partisans are trying to invent excuses for why the laws shouldn't apply to Democrats or Trump. All of them make them look petty, shallow and dishonest to the informed, as no rational human believes they would be making the same arguments against their own side, or if they weren't #NeverTrump'ers or part of the #Restance (to rule of law). Arguments include:
  1. "This has national security issues, thus this secret process is justified" - even though they won't name what the national security issues are (beyond really hating Trump), or what the crime(s) is/are, and they aren't doing just the minimum parts behind closed, but the whole thing behind closed doors. (And then they're selectively leaking to libel a President, without releasing transcripts so we can see what was actually said). So this is not the same thing at all, to the honest or informed.
    • It also ignores the context of a secret whistleblower who was caught colluding with the Democrats in advance, and the Democrats had lied about it, which would mean any honest investigation would have to explore that, and recuse anyone involved, instead of putting them in control of running the investigation. If your goal is credibility, and not mocking the rule of law.
  2. "This is the process since Trey Gowdy / Benghazi hearings" - this lie pretends that impeaching the President, with unlimited scope and no crime, is the same as the normal investigative duties of the congress, to see who ordered what, which lead to the deaths of many Americans, and we had people on tape lying about it, and the scope was clearly defined. Anyone with a triple digit IQ knows those aren't the same thing, so the only people that would use this argument are dumb or dishonest.
  3. "But the Clinton impeachment had some witness called in secret" - not before there was a vote on impeachment (and both sides were allowed to attend, unlike this one where the Democrats are excluding many more, before a vote was taken to impeach). And the President's folks were allowed in the room and to cross examine the witnesses, and the Republicans weren't cherry-picking leaking out of context parts to sabotage Clinton, like the Democrats have been doing.

2019.12.18 Merry Impeachmas -
WaPo reporters blasted for ‘Merry Impeachmas’ dinner photo where they accidentally exposed how biased (FakeNews) they are, celebrating the Scampeachment put on by partisan Democrats. Not an ounce of objectivity or common sense. Then she doubled down when caught and claimed that she was deleting the tweet because people were "misinterpreting" it, to mean exactly what she meant. As someone retorted "Democracy dies over chips & guac."

2019.10.22 Lynchgate.jpg
2019.10.22 Lynchgate - Trump tweets the secret tribunal Scampeachment that violates all historical norms (doing it without a formal vote, not being able to confront/cross-examine witnesses, behind closed doors, etc), is a political lynching. The wokescold Democrats are outraged, other than half a dozen Democrats (including Joe Biden) saying that (or worse) about Clinton's more above-board and justified impeachment, on the house floor, and the Democrats media using the term (or worse) when it suits them, this time is different... because a Republican used it... with more justification. If Democrats didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.


Ignoring these facts is called a lie of omission at best. Or partisan hackery at worst. And a few excuses for why it's OK to violate our system of justice, doesn't change that. Anyone that defends this process is defending making our nation ungorvernable, divisive, and rooting for civil war. The informed will ignore any outcome from this scam... and they are killing their ability to


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