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Since the left's war on smokers wasn't working fast enough (despite exaggerations and fear mongering), they used Junk Science (faked or exaggerated stories and numbers) about the dangers of Secondhand Smoke. I don't like smoking or second hand, but remember Japan? Japanese men are some of the heaviest smokers in the world (with some of the longest life expectancies), and since they live in smaller dwelling, their wives and daughters are subjected to secondhand smoke in more frequency and intensity. The results: they have the best life expectancy of any Women in the world. Diet, lifestyle, and genes matter far more. So stop the rationalizations -- some people don't like smoking, and so are making junk-science excuses for their attacks and hatred.

Welcome to America, where fact and stats are routinely distorted (exaggerated) for an agenda. Most of the figures you hear vary from unsubstantiated claims and hype, to outright lies. Yes, there is danger -- but not much. You should avoid secondhand smoke, but get some perspective -- your car, job, attitude, diet, drinking, lack of exercise or one of a thousand other things are far greater risks in your life as proven by Japan. Do we really need government to protect us from all those things as well?

You want to protect yourself? Then there are 10,000 other ways to make a far bigger difference in your life. Move closer to work, quit and do something you like, ride a bike, eat better or most of all, stop trying to be a butt-inski and running others lives. Learn to live and let live, and accept things that you don't like. The second-hand smoke argument is just propaganda and rationalizations for oppressing smokers.

I do not like second-hand smoke.

  1. I hate the smell and can tell smokers from 10' away. I can smell a cigarette from 20' away. So what?
  2. I can smell bad cooking from 30' away, should we outlaw that?
  3. Busses smell foul from twice that distance (especially when they use natural gas), do you want to outlaw public transportation too?
  4. Cow flatulence is a far bigger problem in terms of output, should we eliminate beef products?

Where are we going to stop?


While it's obviously not great for you, there's no way that secondhand smoke is as bad as the propaganda has implied, or the death rates among Asians and many 3rd world countries that still smoke, would be far higher. Thus this is junk science -- at least at what the average person believes in dangers, or the advertising on TV will tell us. All of that mythos is heavily supported by the herd-following left. And any skeptics are attacked as "deniers".... the new term for heretic.


📚 References
  • Penn and Teller: Video on their show Bullshit that talked about exaggerations. There was a new study after the show was produced that might have finally shown a real link -- but that doesn't change that all the science (and claims) before 2012 were bullshit (flawed). And even there, while there is a link that it's bad, it's obviously not as bad as many other things or it would have a stronger correlation to life expectancy. The point is, I wouldn't recommend it -- especially for respiratory distressed people (like those with asthma, COPD, etc) -- but it's still well down the list on things that will kill you. If you can intrude on freedoms for lesser threats, then we can intrude on greater ones.