Senate on Scampeachment

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When hyper-partisans in the House, use unusually partisan rules, to do a mock investigation, violate someone's civil rights (to face their accusers, provide a defense, see the evidence, and so on), then the Senate and NO politician that took an oath of office, should respect the proceedings. In fact their oath of office demands that they ignore it, as this violates the spirit (if not letter) of the Constitution. So the Senate will ignore Pelosi's Scampeachment. Then the Democrats and their press will blame the partisanism of the Senate. (Which is the norm: democrats accuse the other side of what they are doing). Whereas if the congress did their jobs, and followed the procedural norms, and they could find any "evidence" (not here-say of partisans), it would be far harder for the Senate to ignore. So the Democrats are dividing us, as they always do, and guaranteeing their own failure, as they often do.