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Shannon Watts (D) activist "Moms Demand Action" is an ignorant loudmouth, which is fine. I don't care about ignorant people. She's also a know-it-all, that knows nothing about the topic she regurgitates. That irritates me more, I don't like ignorant know-it-alls. Then she tops that off with being a sanctimonious hypocrite. And that's what gets me even more annoyed. Look, you can start something you believe in: for her it was Moms Demand Action (more accurately Ignorant Moms Demand Distractions) -- that's cool. But if you've been doing it for years, and you don't know the basics of your topic, and you're caustic towards those who know more than you (which is everyone), it grates. She's the perfect figurehead for the gun-control movement: loud, stupid, and thinks she's smart.

Rate of fire

Head of Moms Demand Action (Shannon Watts) explains:

"An assault weapon enables humans to shoot 10 rounds in one minute."

There were guns in the 1600's that exceeded that rate of fire, by a lot. Learn the basics you simpleton.


If you want to see what kind of person Shannon is, read this exchange, it says it all: loud, wrong, and not smart enough to know when to put down the megaphone.