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I'd never heard of Stephanie Ruhle, but then I don't usually pay much attention to the trolls and MSDNC because they so rarely get anything right, but are often drawn to my attention when they get something wrong. She talked about guns, on MSNBC, you know that's an "Oh shit, this is going to be funny" sort of thing. I wasn't disappointed.



Stephanie got all the brightest minds together at MSNBC, and tried to explain what assault rifles are. While she was less moronic than most MSM reporters that have tried to explain the basic, I still could have wrote a better and more accurate definition when I was age 9. Then she went on to lecture us about the dangers of AR-15 bullets -- repeating the latest DNC talking points, which like most of them are completely wrong.

Repeat after me:

  • the AR15 is the most popular sports rifle in the United States
  • Assault Rifles have select fire (can fire on fully automatic or burst mode). The AR-15 cannot. It is a semi-automatic. Thus it is not a weapon carried into battle by US soldiers.
  • It is a low caliber rifle used primarily for target practice and hunting small game. It does not fire more powerful rounds than most other semi-automatic hunting rifles.
  • It does not shoot faster than most other semi-automatic hunting rifles.

Read: AR-15 bullets if you want a detailed breakdown of why she, and all the fact checkers and MSDNC are either idiots or liars. Anyone who tells you it's the same gun soldiers carry is either lying or ignorant. Anyone that repeats the false claims of fraudulent doctors, can fuck right off.


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