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This is the "Story of us"... the list of some highlighted trips, events or milestones in our life (my wife and my life's journey), or at least the ones that we got pictures of. Most pictures of trips are boring to me, because I don't have the context: so in this digital scrapbook, I try to offer just a little bit about each picture and why it matters. And you can tunnel in and see more in each section. I have plenty of gaps to fill, but when I'm done, I think I'm going to print a wall sized poster. out of it.

2018 Hawaii (Oahu)

Family Thanksgiving (Nov) in Hawaii: family, friends, and a Jellyfish sting.
Main article: 2018 Hawaii (Oahu)

2012 Las Vegas

Group outing to Las Vegas (May) with neighbors and friends: "Pawn Stars", the Neon Boneyard, and Love.
Main article: 2012 Las Vegas

2012 Hawaii (Big Island)

Another Hawai'i get-away, this time to the Big Island in March. We were in Kona (the Dry side), but did a drive around the Island (and saw the Lava and the Wet Side). With some hanging out at the pool or water with a Mai Thai.

2011 Coast to Roseville

For our Anniversary (Aug), we did a drive up the coast to Half Moon Bay, drove to Sausalito, and then Roseville. We ate at Michelin-starred Cafe Gibraltar in Half Moon Bay and tried Johnny Garlic's. Just an extended weekend get-away.

2010 Ringing Bros Circus

Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus came to San Jose (Aug), so why not go?

2010 Caymen Islands

Melissa took a little jaunt (June) to the Cayman Islands with her flight-attendant travel-friends.
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2009 Year of the Ankle

Melissa stress-fractured the ankle running. A year of not healing, and rolling around the house on a desk chair.

2009 Pueblo

Thanksgiving in Colorado: Flew into Denver, drove out to Pueblo to see family. We visited Fire Station No 3 (built in 1881), right before it was converted into a Museum, and then went out to shoot guns at the range with Uncle "Tom" (who trains the DEA).
Main article: 2009 Pueblo

2009 Family Reunion

We did a Family Reunion in August: Bristol (niece) was born. Dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in Nov (immediately in to Chemo). Christmas with the Family, and a fight with Uncle Bill lead him to sequester Grandma until she died.

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2008 Memphis

In March, we took a weekend trip to Memphis.

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2008 Las Vegas

In November, we went to some off-season Vegas Shows:
Main article: 2008 Las Vegas

2008 Indoor Skydiving

We decided to try indoor skydiving in February.
Main article: 2008 Indoor Skydiving

2007 Monterey Bay

We hadn't been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in years, so in September, we took a weekend get-away.
Main article: 2007 Monterey Bay

2006 San Antonio

We moved to Austin, but San Antonio is only a 90 minute drive, so we visited often
Main article: 2006 San Antonio

2006 Hawaii (Oahu)

We did Oahu, Hawaii in July
Main article: 2006 Hawaii (Oahu)

2005 Paris

Paris: the city of lights in May... before it became a cesspool.
Main article: 2005 Paris

2005 London

Londinium is always fun (May), thought it's gone down hill since Hadrian's Wall fell into disrepair: it kept out the riff-raff.
Main article: 2005 London

2005 Ella

Meeting my preemie niece in 2005.
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2004 Spencer Tunick

We got naked with 2,700 strangers in Cleveland (May). We had gone to MOCA Cleveland to see an exhibit by Spencer Tunic. Coincidentally, he was doing an installation in Cleveland soon, so I signed us up. I figured it was the only way we would end up in a museum.
Main article: 2004 Spencer Tunick

2004 Renewing Vows

While watching a movie with my girlfriend (now wife) about a bad marriage, I mumbled, "Marriage should be a 10 year contract with an option to renew". A cold chill filled the room, and she said, "Explain" as if my future depended on the answer. I stammered, "people get too comfortable in their ruts, if they have to renew every decade, they have to think what's in it for the other person... and try harder". (Whew). This answer appeased my future bride, and I thought that issue closed.... until 9 years after we we're married, and out of nowhere I hear, "So, you gonna renew?" Holy crap women have long memories... we renewed at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Vegas (Aug).
Main article: 2004 Renewing Vows

2003 Washington DC

Melissa's Mom was going to D.C. in November, so we decided to fly over and visit her there. (It was closer than Reno). This city is littered with History and a tribute to itself and government.
Main article: 2003 Washington DC

2003 The Upper

Friends bought a resort Rental Property in the "Upper" (Upper Peninsula, Michigan), we went to visit and help with their Vitamin Business website (May).

Main article: 2003 The Upper

2003 Cedar Point

Cedar Point is the best roller-coaster amusement park in America. It's not even close. So we drove up to Sandusky, Ohio (Aug) to try it out.

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2003 Brothers Wedding

I was the best man for my brothers wedding (Sept). He lucked out finding Sarah.
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2002 Flight Attendant Graduation

With a Bachelors Degree is in Early Childhood development and doing social work for many years, Melissa was over-qualified became a Flight Attendant. She graduated in August.

2002 Cozumel

This is still one of our greatest family vacations. In June, our immediate Family and my Cousins did a group anniversary get-away to Cozamel, Mexico (with a little jaunt by ferry to Cancun).
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2001 Ohio Bro Visit

We moved to Ohio, and when my brother visited (late Sept.), we did all the Tourist stuff with him. Which we kind of repeated when anyone else visited.

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2001 Niagara Falls

We June road-tripped to Niagara Falls, Buffalo and visited Canada too, eh.
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1994 Weekend Honeymoon

Our Honeymoon was we drove down to San Diego for an extended weekend.

1994 Wedding

I said, "A wedding is something I'd do, if I could do it in shorts and tennis shoes"... next thing I knew, we were at the chapel (Aug).
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1993 Toga

Does your neighborhood have a Toga Party? Ours did.
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1992 Getaways

We had a few "get-aways" in 1992.
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1991 How we met

I met my wife in 1991.
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