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The day after James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders campaigner worker and Democrat activist, shot at Republicans (hitting Steve Scalise), Terry McAuliffe got out there to plead for Gun Control and to save the "93 million Americans a day to gun violence". He repeated it. Then when helped by a democrat reporter, he corrected it to "93" a day. My problem isn't with the gaffe on an over-rehearsed script. It is with the dishonesty and classlessness of the message. His numbers are misleading. He's throwing in legal police shootings, legal self defense, and gun suicides which are 2/3rds of shootings. The informed know that suicides do not correlate to guns (34 countries with gun control have higher suicide rates than we do). So McAuliffe is intentionally misleading on a case where a member of his party shot a member of the opposition party (who was in the Hospital undergoing surgery). McAuliffe doesn't have the class to wait a single day before trying to blame Republicans for getting shot, and trying to use that to violate the 2A rights of others?


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