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Once considered the paragon of a fair Journalist, now a simple video like this can show how partisan and biased he was all along.

Brokaw, Occupy Democrats, and Alternate History

After a series of coordinate Paris Terrorist attacks, the San Bernardino attack, and various other islamic extremist attacks, during the campaign, Candidate Trump says we should consider a temporary Muslim ban until our leaders can figure out how to address the crisis. Before doing journalism (interviewing and asking what does he mean), NBC (Tom Brokaw) spun the story with half truths and compared this to various leftist atrocities (without offering that context). Trump's implementation (a couple years later) was just to require extreme vetting from a list of countries that the Obama administration flagged as being unable to effectively vet people from. Oh the horror.

Richard Jewel

Remember the Atlanta Olympic Bombing, where Tom Brokaw sloppily misnamed Richard Jewell as the bomber, and was later sued, and eventually settled for $500K in their libel and slander suit? That's what fake news looks like -- getting so far ahead of the story that you're no longer in sight of the truth.