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I have nothing against trans folks. Their mental disorder gives them a harder life, and the last thing I want to do is to make someones life harder than it needs to be. But biological men competing in women’s sports, ruins women’s sports. At work we had a health day, and one of the tables had a grip meter. I squeezed and went beyond pro athlete... for women, but avg for men. It was eye opening that an out of shape average male could easily crush what professional women’s athletes could do. Biology isn’t fair. And like it or not, what you wish you were doesn’t change your chromosomes. So while I love when women beat men in sports, I never forget how much harder they have to work to do it.

Examples of stupidity

  • Martina Navratilova, one of the great champions of LGBTQ rights got completely slammed for admitting that males have physical advantages that could crush Women's sports. The LGBTQ Lynch-mob went after her for speaking truth. [1]
  • A 6' 3", 250 pound Australian handball player named Hannah Mouncey, is destroying other women in that sport. Imagine how frustrating and demoralizing that is for the double-X's?[2]
  • Mack Beggs (M2F trans) is crushing the Women's high school wrestling circuit, now advancing to College level. [3]
  • Champion transgender track cyclist Rachel McKinnon is crushing Women in that sport, and she is biologically male. [4]
  • Michelle Dumaresq (M2F trans) also won the 2006 national title for woman mountain biker. The runner up (Danika Schroeter) wore a T-Shirt that read, “100% Pure Woman Champ" to the outrage of trans activists.
  • Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood (two M2F trans runners) are destroying biological women in indoor high school track, winning state and national championship titles. [5]

Trans activists like to point to failures (M2F's that lost despite their advantage) like Renée Richards in Tennis (1970's), but that doesn't change much. An attempted rapist isn't suddenly a moral person just because they didn't succeed. Just because a few didn't win, or the problem isn't that prevalent, doesn't change that it's still a problem.


There are resentments against trans folks, in at least a few ways they have a shit life. I'm sorry for that, and can only treat them with dignity and respect in our 1:1 dealings. And I think those calling them "cheats" is a bit too far -- it is an unfair advantage, but the sincere ones didn't ask for that advantage. Is Shaq cheating at Basketball because he has mutated genes that made him a physical monster? So while I think Tran people deserve to be able to compete in sports, at whatever gender they choose -- I'm not sure that extends to sports competitions. Or they at least deserve to have an asterisks next to their accomplishments, because they do have an unfair biological advantage. Yes, they worked hard too, and deserve the accomplishment -- but just like a woman dropping steroids all her life, and quitting them just long enough to qualify and win a championship, the same thing can apply to trans women. It's not fair, but who the fuck told you that life was going to be fair?