Trump Derangement Syndrome

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I try not to make fun of the "challenged". But like BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), or RDS (Reagan Derangement Syndrome) before it, it seems as if may left of center can't have adult conversations about anything related to a conservative (or whatever Trump is).

Look the guy is a bombastic CEO turned politician, sometimes with the decorum of a bayou dweller at a Manhattan party. So what? That doesn't make him the anti-christ, and absurd conspiracy theories like the Russian Hackers vs. DNC Leaks make demented Montana Shack Dwellers seem rational.

Every scandal that isn't much of a scandal at all, just makes them look more in need of medication.

I'd say it's a temporary affliction, but I've known too many BDS or RDS sufferers where decades of time hasn't cured their malady, and mere mention of the name turns them into ranting crazies.

The irony of ironies is how few can recognize they're sick. A friend of 20 years was posting crazy stuff about how QAnon was all Trump's fault. I asked if that meant Obama was responsible for Occupy, BLM, and Antifa -- and he went full retard, saying that I was just a Trump worshiping, FoxNews watching loon. I tried about 3 times to engage in serious questions, but he kept telling me that I voted for Trump (I didn't), or how my erection would split my jeans each time I heard his name. I have a rule, if someone is telling me what I think, and arguing with me about it, then I can't win the argument with the voices in their head. So I bowed out, blocked him, and sent a nice parting email -- that explained those rules -- but that I wished him the best and if he needed another non-political, he could reach out. (Disagree with me is fine, unless you're arguing with me over what I think, or what my motives are). He ranted back how I could accept that I was a racist Trump lover, and that's why I had to leave, and a few other crass things, until I said "fine" he burned down any other goodwill too. (Then he ranted on his FB page about intolerant and rabid others are).

If that was one case of it, you can write it off to anomalous behavior. I've seen that repeated about a dozen times. So it's not that I think all those oppose Trump are unreasonable sufferers of TDS. But there's certainly more than a handful of the irrational wailers.


7 items

  • 2017.01.20 Inauguration Day violence - During Inauguration Day (before Trump could have done anything to warrant it), Hillary Supporters and Anti-Trumpers came out to commit violence, vandalism, and riots all over the nation. 230 were arrested, thousands more got away.
  • 2016.11.10 Grubhub CEO Trump supporters should resign - Hillary supporter Matt Maloney penned nastygram to all employees that included, "If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here", to show the kind of tolerance the tech-left has for those with different political views.
  • 2016.11.02 NBC Goons beat me up - Guy wore anti-Bill Clinton T-Shirt to NBC Today Show, and was bloodied and bruised by NBC security. When he complained, NBC retorted that wearing that shirt, he was asking for it. There is a lawsuit.
  • 2016 anti-Semitism is suddenly uncool - There were 7,000 incidents of anti-semitism during the 8 years of Obama (1,211 in the first year alone). Loosely 3 a day, while the Friend-of-Farrakhan was in office. But it went largely unreported by his allies in the media. While the U.S. might have seen as much as a 10% rise since Trump, Germany saw a 16% increase in the same period without him. Many of the U.S. ones will be debunked later. Nobody thinks harassment is OK, but many of us recognize that the sudden media interest in antisemitism, coinciding with the election of Trump, is more that pure coincidence.