Vice on Climate Woketivism

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Vice seriously tweeted this, "The climate movement is overwhelmingly white. So I walked away"... the rebuts were priceless. Personally, I respect their bold sincerity in showing their complete woke idiocy. But I laugh at people that take anything they say seriously.


Vice is a hard left outlet, that exists to twist every news story from a hard left PoV. Like the worst of WaPo, HuffPo and a basement blogger, all screaming against the injustices of the anyone with a clue. Other than the bad journalism, they were created as a pump-and-dump scam, that seems to have been successful -- sensationalism sells, and this was dot-com version of website replacing the old stodgy ink-stained fingers, with younger and hipper writing (ignore the quality beneath SuperMarket tabloids): it's clickbait journalism Pied Piper, only instead of leading the rats out of the sewer, it lead the other so-called jouranlistic institutions down into them.