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Woke Corporate Slacktivism is the idea that corporations should stop trying to maximize shareholder value by meeting their customers needs, but start becoming political/religious organizations that preach their agendas to others. It seems to fail more than it works, because most people are wise enough to recognize that they're insincere. And even those gullible enough to believe otherwise just find some other hypocrisy by the company to feed their need for moral outrage. So their short term allies will always turn on them, and they alienate everyone else.


What's with companies losing their minds in order to virtue signaling? They don't seem to get that while they might do some short-term virtue signaling, to the never-satisfied crowd, it won't last long. They'll be hungry for more, or write them off as insincere/committed enough. So they either get more and more extreme, or they come to the realization that they are the rich, that the slacktivists want to eat.


  • 2017.09.01 Amazon, Confederacy and Antifa - Bezos doesn't seem to mind selling hate on Amazon. Well, left wing hate. They blocked history and the confederate flag as "too controversial" (a historical event that happened) -- but antifa stuff was sold well after they proved themselves to be a domestic terrorist organization.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods - How to shoot yourself in the dick? Be a Sporting Goods store named Dick's, then alienate a large swath of your customer base who are hunters and gun owners, by replacing the Constitution with your hypocritical corporate ethics.
  • ESPN -
    ESPN was told by common sense not to politicize sports, that they were just entertaining escapism. They chose to go the other way. Now they're damn near going bankrupt as viewership is way down, advertising is way down, and the trends for the future look way down. So what did we learn?
  • Intuit - Intuit makes the bad choice to punish companies for selling products they don't like. It backfires. I worked for Intuit and used their products before -- but if I have a choice, I never ever will again. It is certainly in a private companies purview to choose their customers -- but there's a responsible or douchey way to do it. And it's also within the customers purview to choose the companies they do business with. So the lash gets the backlash.
  • Levi Strauss - Because it was such a disaster for other companies that did slacktivism, Levi Strauss (and president Chip Bergh) has decided to stick their noses in Gun Control issue to alienate their employees, investors and customers.
  • NFL - When Kaepernick started his #KneelToo movement (or Trump responded), the NFL could have chosen: (a) the wise path: ignore and say nothing (b) the patriotic path: agree with the President that if they can warn/fine employees for wearing purple shoes, or dancing in the end-zone, then they can certainly tell them to take their protests somewhere else (or else) (c) the diplomatic path: walked the line and say that while they don't endorse BLM and the protests, they won't fire or restrict their employees from making displays. Instead they chose, none of those and went with (d) To perpetuate ignorance of BLM's hypocrisy, to make big displays against the nation and President, then to punish/intimidate/threaten players like Pittsburgh Steelers Villanueva to go along, and they forced him to apologize publicly for it. So much for the NFL's false claim that this was about defense of its players' rights to free speech.
  • Nike -
    Nike decided to get involved in Colin Kaepernick's #KneelToo movement, which gets them some PR attention ($24M in buzz), and a lot of animus/backlash (nearly $4B in stock valuation). It doesn't sound to me like the best way to improve customer perception/brand, but the Nike market is global, and appeals to minorities and the uninformed.
  • Panera Bread Company - AKA the St. Louis Bread Company, was once a fine eating establishment. Then an SJW became CEO and FUBAR'ed the whole thing by deciding to (1) Create "Pay what you want" stores (2) Failing at it.


I don't see how picking fights you don't need to, will play to your advantage, or add to stockholder value. But SJW's have a chronic need to proselytize. In the mean time, they are never going to satisfy (for long) the other virtue signalers -- so it's a short term gain... while they are irritating a percentage of their long term customers, who have longer term memories (e.g. a long term loss). And this is complaining about the mote in your brothers eye, and ignoring the log in your own just begs for the hypocrisy police to rub your nose in it.