2004 Renewing Vows

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While watching a movie with my girlfriend (now wife) about a bad marriage, I mumbled, "Marriage should be a 10 year contract with an option to renew". A cold chill filled the room, and she said, "Explain" as if my future depended on the answer. I stammered, "people get too comfortable in their ruts, if they have to renew every decade, they have to think what's in it for the other person... and try harder". (Whew). This answer appeased my future bride, and I thought that issue closed.... until 9 years after we we're married, and out of nowhere I hear, "So, you gonna renew?" Holy crap women have long memories... we renewed at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Vegas (Aug).
2004.Paris.jpg We renewed our vows at the top of the Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas.
2004.Renew.JPG My Parents came to this one (as did other family)... being in Ohio, it was really just an excuse to see some friends and family.
2004.Tats.png I said "Since Marriage isn't forever, we should get tattoos"... she got a smiley face (to reflect personality). I got the Henry Every Pirate Flag, as we're decedents (via Step-Dad).
2004.Deck.JPGUp on the deck.
2004.Deck2.JPGThe ceremony.
2004.Parents.JPG The Parents.
2004.Brother.JPGBrother & Wife (Devon & Sarah)
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