2016.11.11 Oberlin v Gibson Bakery

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Three underage black Oberlin students were shoplifting wine at Gibson’s bakery, and got caught. So they assaulted, beat down, and kicked the owner. An arrest followed, and the three were able to plead guilty to misdemeanors and get probation without any fines and a short probationary period. Black racist activist students claimed since it was a white shop owner and African-American students, it must have been because of race (ignore the crimes), and protests ensued with the help of Oberlin College administrators and professors (who were glad the over-reactionary animus wasn't directed at them). This was the week of the Trump election, and all the FakeNews outlets listed this as evidence of racism running rampant since Trump's election. The Bakery was furious at the damage done to their reputation and sued for economic and reputation loss from the protests.


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