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Google Firing


This is the story of Media Lies, Google Hypocrisy, and what happens when someone (James Damore) decides to tell the truth in Progressive America, "Burn the witch, after all, he said the same thing that science, common sense, and Google's own lawyers say in court!" Google encourages people to speak their minds, then fires them if they don't say what they want, then claims they're still all about free speech, just not THAT! In the end, Google proved they're not only an echo chamber, but one with blindfolds, guns and itchy trigger fingers.

Main article: Google Gaffe

Mummy (2017)


The Mummy got lousy ratings at 16/43 (Reviewers/Viewers) on Rotten Tomatoes. While I wouldn't exactly call it good, I'm not sure it stank quite that badly either. It sort of the opening salvo in Universal's, "The Dark Universe", which is basically Frankenstein (+Bride of), Wolfman, Dracula, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Creature from Black Lagoon. All the old horror film classics. This one tries to modernize the story, and use a big action name (Tom Cruise) as a douchebag (not a stretch). But there while it was horrible, there was a lot for snowflakes to get offended by.

Main article: Mummy (2017)

Malevolent liberty or benevolent tyranny

Trolley problem.png

Malevolent liberty is better than benevolent tyranny. A lot of this boils down to the Trolly Problem: a thought experiment in ethics that goes like this: a runaway trolley is going to kill five people tied to one set of tracks, or you can flip a level where it will go to a side track and kill one person. Which is more ethical? For me, the victims not having a say in what you do, is where much of the problem is. In Liberty, they choose. In Tyranny, you choose for them.

Trump v. Tranny Brigade


Here's my opinion on Trump's trans-army ban. I'm not a fan of that action, but it is blown way out of proportion, it was mostly the Democrats fault, and of all the things to get irritated with him on, this doesn't make the top 10. And the more hysterical the left gets about this, the more I flip from being opposed to his stupidty, to being more pissed about theirs. Keep balance and perspective. This goes into why.

Vaccines and Anti-Vaxxers


I hardly have a dog in this fight, and don't have a problem (in theory) with either side -- but both sides can be preachy and wrong. While I'm no anti-Vaxxer (I've gotten all mine, I don't think vaccines are the cause of autism, and I would get them for my imaginary kids), I find the anti-Vax crowd has points that the anti-anti-vax crowd is either unwilling or incapable of understanding (their arguments are more simplistic and focused around the cult of authority). There are extremes and idiots on both sides, but I usually throw out the outliers and listen to the moderates on both sides, and the anti-Vaxxers I know, are far more well reasoned than the anti-anti-Vaxxers, at least based on the arguments both sides have presented. That could just be the circle of libertarian minded friends, or many articles I've read. But I've searched and found few anti-anti-vaxxers that were well informed or willing to concede valid points. To me, it's not ignorance that's a problem, but willful ignorance mixed with preachy sanctimony that gets on my nerves. This article has a few reminders on these facts.



As a teen, I hung out in a computer store, and I sold Computers by asking people, "What would you like to use it for?" By listening to their answer, I could solve their problem, and sell them a computer, AND my programming services. By 15, I was a great salesmen, making good money on that, and better money contracting to folks who bought my computers, and once I got my drivers license (extending my range), I was doing jobs for Aerospace and Glendale Unified School District.

Main article: Compusound



Another summer job I had was at the local movie theater; the Orange Cinedome. In writing this, I did a web-search, and found that for one thing, they'd torn it down, and for another, they'd gotten pictures before they did; cool. Brought back some memories. Turns out it was one of the last 70mm theaters in the area, at least before it was gone. I'd know it was big, but not how big. As jobs go, working in a movie theater wasn't too bad. I was young, and the toughest part was getting down there. Biking about 5 miles down wasn't bad; riding back after my shift, and it was a gradual uphill grade, was a lot tougher. Plus it got hot, and getting there, without being disheveled wasn't always easy.

Main article: Cinedome



While I was a rural burb kid, I'd lived summers with my Uncle in Hollywood, or Grandparents in L.A. So I got the rules of urban and rural pretty well. Still, hustling on Sunset is nothing like being "white bread" working in Watts; which I did one summer. South Central was not the best time I ever had working; but I learned a lot. But most of it, was not good stuff, it was about racism, corruption, contempt/distaste for a subculture, about sloth and injustice. I didn't like that world, and while I could exist in it, I knew I didn't want to.

Main article: Watts

Ridgeline Country Club 1976

Ridgeline Country Club

All parents have issues, mine were very into status ("things") and working, and social events; they were yuppies a few years before the term was invented. While I have have social anxiety, and I was not into their status symbols (much), valuing myself by my work (and the independence it bought) rubbed-off.

I started working at a young age. I remember washing cars, selling lemonade, mowing lawns, and my first real non-summer job was being food prep, bus-boy, dish-kid, and various odd jobs (like collecting the balls from the driving range, and so on) at the local country club (at 12 or 13).

Main article: Ridgeline

Collins 1986-1988

After I left Rockwell, I went to work for Rockwell. Rockwell was a large, many divisioned company. I moved from NAAO (Lakewood) and Airplanes (B1-B), to Collins Radio (Santa Ana/Costa Mesa) and Satellites (Milstar). Collins was working on the MILSTAR Satellite Communication Terminal. They put up a bunch of satellites, and this was the terminal that communicated with them and was used for most of the secure military battlefield communications. Never have I worked with such a ragtag bunch of humans; and had the time of my life. I was only there 3 years and change, but it seems like a lifetime, or more.

Rockwell • Collins Radio Division

Included are a few stories about my 3 years at Rockwell Collins.

Main article: Collins

Don Jr. Hysteria


The left has lost their nut over a fake controversy. Donald Trump Jr. took a meeting with a Russian lawyer (Keyser Söze) who implied she had information on one of Hillary Clinton's many crimes in Russia. Being curious if they really did have evidence of those crimes that the media has had no interest in looking into, he took the meeting, as anyone would. Not only was this not a crime, but no info was exchanged -- instead the Russians talked about their quest for a repeal of the Magnitsky Act (a law passed to punish Kremlin associates because of the death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky). No information was exchanged, there was no crime or attempted crime was committed.

Those Russian lawyers, were working with Fusion GPS... the same firm the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid to make up “evidence” of Trump and Russia collusion, and had invented now-disproven stories about a secret server communicating with Russia in Trump Tower, or that gave Democrats’ money to former British spook Steele, who gave the money to alleged or former Russian intelligence agents to create the infamous and discredited Trump-Russia dossier. If there's anything ugly and sinister, it seems like the Democrats behavior was far worse than Don Jr.'s.

Main article: Don Jr. Hysteria

NEA: Art so good,
it should to be paid for by force


I have nothing against the NEA/NEH, except how it's funded.

  1. The NEA is “welfare for cultural elitists"
  2. Over half their funding goes to the 10 most liberal states (New York, California, etc).
  3. Places like the MET get $300M from private contributions, and have $4B in assets, why should rural taxpayers have to contribute anything to them?
  4. Then there's waste -- like grants for "Sitting with Cactus", or subsidizing productions of Julius Caesar where our President is assassinated.

So if you like it, fine -- contribute to it. Forcing others to contribute to it, is not what liberty looks like. So you can support Liberty or the politicization of the arts (Cultural Marxism), but not both.

Main article: NEA/NEH

NAAO 1983-1986

Rockwell North American Aviation Organization

Included are a few stories about my 3 years in Aerospace at NAAO.

Main article: NAAO

San Jose Home

Home Virtual Tour for our San Jose home. You just click on the various arrows (or floorplan) to nav various rooms of our home.
Main article: 1040KC

Ohio Home

I wrote a Home Virtual Tour App for the Ohio Newspapers (and Realtors). I recreated the App/Solution using Wiki-Macros. You just click on the various arrows to see various rooms of our home.
Main article: 1200MV


SPLC Logo.png

A far left site created to fear-monger for money. Their platform is used to attack anyone on the right, and by their own standards, they would qualify as a hate-group, if they applied their standards to left-of-center institutions.

Main article: SPLC

Wonder Woman (2017)


Wonder Woman was a cheesy over the top 70’s TV show with Linda Carter. DC and Warner Brothers do their best to go after the Marvel Franchise with Gal Gadot playing the hero. Reviews are audiences gave it a 92/92 on Rotten Tomatoes, and it quickly exploded to $600M in sales, so I figured I should see it. And while it as good, it wasn’t quite as good as its sales numbers or reviewers would have me believe.

Main article: Wonder Woman (2017)

Book of Henry (2017)


Book of Henry is not everyone's "cup of tea". Basically, a precocious genius Henry (and his younger brother, Peter) are being raised by their perpetually self-absorbed and immature Mom (Susan), when Henry witnesses the symptoms of abuse, he decides that since the system is broken and unjust, that he'll create some of his own justice, and sets in motion his rube goldberg perfect crime.

Being that I was a genius kid (who held myself back in school because I too felt that socialization with kids my own age was more important that "academic accomplishments" as measured by a system that I felt wasn't very fair or wise), and I also had a somewhat self-absorbed Mom, was on the receiving side of abuse (and so had an over-developed sense of justice): thusI could relate to the teasers on this movie. While is was getting only 25% approval from reviewers, it was getting 71% by audiences (and I tend to associate more with audiences than reviewers): so I went to see it. It was interesting. I liked it more than most will, but that still puts it as barely better than half the movies I'll see this year. And that, only because it was at least somewhat original, despite how hackneyed everything felt.

Main article: Book of Henry (2017)



You can't talk about Vietnam without talking about:

  • What lead up to the Vietnam War
  • Why the Vietnam war was fought
  • Who won and lost the war.

This covers all of those topics.

Main article: Vietnam

Choosing a Martial Arts School


A few people have asked me about Martial Arts schools, and how they should choose. I did teach Martial Arts for a decade or two. This might aide some in having more confidence in deciding on which studio may be best for them. Most people start off backwards, they want to leap to Choosing a Martial Arts Style, and while that's not bad if you really have your heart set on a particular system. If you don't know where to start, I want to start more basic -- find an Instructor, Student, and then Art, in that order.

Do not be afraid to go to many schools in your area before deciding on the "Right School". (I recommend trying at least 3). These guidelines apply whether you are looking for you or your child. Just watch 3 classes (or part of them), and decide which seemed the best.

Choosing a Martial Arts Style


In Choosing a Martial Arts School, I stated that the instructor may be the single most important of the variables in choosing a school, and the quality of the Students is a reflection on the teacher. But they are not the only factors. Here is some information on what to expect from different styles, cultures and arts. This information can help you choose a "style" as well, and maybe give you a starting point.


List of evidence that supports the popular opinion that PolitiFact is biased partisan hackery. Worse than that, they act like angry grade schoolers when caught, which is fairly often. So there are basically two camps: those that think PolitiFact is non-partisan, and those who know what's going on in the world.
Main article: Politifact

New York Times

A never great News Agency has become a shadow of their former self: admittedly biased by their own Ombudsman and editors, as well as exposed confessions. They still have occasionally good content, but that can't make up for their more frequent bad, or their willingness to deceive, commit lies of omission, or present things in a biased way.
Main article: New York Times

Government R&D Spending

If you only look at the government wins in R&D, things look great. If you look at the bigger picture, you'll understand why government R&D usually has huge costs and small payouts. Politicians playing technologists, using our money, may be fun for them, or earn them votes for caring by the gullible, but it's not fair to taxpayers.


I re-did, and moved a ton of things to this section. So while pieces of this have been in things I wrote over the years, this a new area to explore completely.

This section is not comprehensive analysis of all the complexities of a persons life, but more the points most often brushed over (the counter-balances to the myth-making/propaganda). So these are not meant to be read in isolation, but as complimentary aspects on people (or issues about them) that are on the road that's less travelled.

Main article: People