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Is Trump a racist?

Let's start by reviewing what words actually mean:
  • Racism - ray•se•zem. noun: the belief that ALL members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
  • Not-racism: Racism isn't dating, employing and marrying foreigners, or being a loudmouthed douche, it's not insulting an individual because you don't like them (even based on race, or something they said/did): that's just a personal attack. Those might be insensitive, but words have actual meanings. Mexicans aren't a race. Islam is not a race. The border wall or getting tough on illegal immigration isn't racism. It certainly wasn't labelled that when Bill and Hillary were for it. It's not winning awards for racial inclusiveness, hugging and hanging out with celebrities of other races, nor celebrating other races with monuments. So there's actually no real evidence of his Trump's racism, but lots of evidence of the self-deluded bias of his detractors, and the gullibility of their followers who repeat accusations without understanding them..
Main article: Is Trump a racist?


In 1980 Ted Turner started CNN, and put his left center spin on "the news". His later marriage to Hanoi Jane Fonda didn't help perceptions, nor did the newsrooms agenda convey a fully objective tone. He wanted to be the 24 hour version of the same left of center news outlets like CBS, ABC, NBC. So it was founded on his flavor of bias, and went downhill. It wouldn't be quite so bad, if they were just honest about it: but the faux air of objectivity, and denial of any bias, makes it worse.
Main article: CNN

Roe v. Wade

Abortion is a deeply personal view, and I have no problem with how people come down on it, as long it is thoughtfully decided. But Roe v. Wade is a lot simpler that the position on abortion. Roe v. Wade is about a ruling that invented law from the bench, and whether it was a good ruling or not. While I actually agree with the position (it fits my beliefs), that's not actually how it has been enforced (Planned Parenthood v. Casey is a later and far worse decision, and is how Roe is enforced). But despite agreeing with Roe, everyone with the slightest law background who has looked at the decision, has admitted that it was a lousy ruling, Blackmun totally overreached, and it made the world a worse place.
Main article: Roe v. Wade


Abortion is a deeply personal view, and I used to explore people by asking or sharing my views on it and seeing how they respond. I often did the same with all the taboo subjects: sex, drugs, religion -- anything that's personal and invoked passion will let you learn how intellectual/emotional a person is, and hint at how extreme they are, by what positions they take and how they deal with conflicting views. It's a shortcut to getting to know them. But the flip side, is you also may learn to avoid people who are otherwise decent people -- as there are people that are moderate/reasonable/rational, except for one or two outlier/hot-button issues. And this is often the hottest, and might be an outlier.

This article covers many aspects of the topic, in what I hope is a somewhat neutral and informed way, though I openly have and express my opinions. The point is not to change anyone's mind, and I leave people room for their own personal views. Though I have far less tolerance for the furthest extremes on either side, and less tolerance for bullies who show less tolerance towards others views. I don't like never or always answers type answers, and I like bullies who lower the conversation less. And I find more bullies in the extremes, especially if they think they're in the majority, and more so when they're trying to force-feed their "one true" view on the entire rest of the nation.
Main article: Abortion

Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford is the far-left activist that came forward to make unsubstantiated charges against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The #wehatemen crowd all jumped on board demanding that we not question her testimony or any Woman that would cry rape. Nevermind Emmett Till, Duke Lacrosse, University of Virginia Gang Rape, and dozens of others -- Lynch mobs always trust the accuser. So despite her story being full of lies, holes and logical incongruities, we should suspend the rule of law, and destroy a distinguished judges career, all because he's a privileged white male Judge, with an exemplary record on being a strict constitutionalist: everything the she-man male-haters must destroy.
Main article: Christine Blasey Ford



Facebook is 3 things: bad interface, bad management, and biased policies. I want a social network that gives me control of what I see and share -- both to my friends and to advertisers. I realize they need to make a buck, and my information is their product, but the point is you can still give users the illusions of control. But Zuckerberg seems to have falling into the egocentric pit that many young billionaires do, they think because they timed things well, and worked hard, and got lucky that they're smarter than everyone else. This makes them arrogant, less mature, and slower to grow than the average human: Dunning-Kruger, inflated by being surrounded by yes-men.

Main article: Facebook



In 1995, two 20-something Ph.D. students from Stanford were looking for something to do their dissertations on, and decided that they should focus on a Web crawler and indexer research. Once they found funding and a revenue stream based on advertising, they became what's known in the Valley as a Unicorn: a multi-billion dollar company. And their saga from College Dormitory Culture to Corporate Cult began. Unfortunately, explosively rapid successes skip normal growth and maturing processes in corporations, and can create cults (or at least cult-like behavior). There's a line between corporate culture and conformity to the corporate line or expulsion, and that line seems to often get crossed at the Googleplex, without any of the normal checks and balances that might apply at a more moderate corporation.

Main article: Google

Brett Kavanaugh

The left has a rich history of politicizing and undermining the autonomy of the Supreme Court, even going to far as to the try to stack it, and still does. They put litmus tests on their side, and scream that the other side might be doing what they do. The truth is the right does not have to, because they know the law is on their side, they fight for strict Constitutionalists, while the left fights for creative writing activists who will invent new progressive laws from the bench. The left started with slow rolling the other sides appointments, or outright blocking them on specious grounds. Then they invented the concept of "Borking" after the atrocities they did to Judge Bork and later Clearance Thomas -- where they slander justices to undermine what is clearly a Presidential power and get them to withdraw. The latest in this is the hypocritical histrionics they're having over Brett Kavanaugh. Since Trump had announced which group of well respect constitutionalist judges he would pick from, the far left had pre-printed posters to hate on whoever the choice was -- not for actual flaws in their character or law, but because they weren't far left activists. They even leaked press releases with "{Insert Justice's Name Here}" in place of the actual justices name, by accident. This wasn't about who was picked, it was that the far left (and their media) wasn't getting their way (to stack the Supreme Court with anti-Constitutional radicals).
Main article: Brett Kavanaugh



Russiagate has been a fraud created by Hillary Campaign, Barack Obama, the DNC, their political appointments in the "Deep State", and perpetuated by their allies in the media. Every time one aspect is debunked, they just invent a different revelation to chase down, until that one is debunked as well. This gish gallop of dinsinformation flim-flams the FakeNews watchers because the revelations (really unsourced allegations) are front page, and the corrections/retractions come days, weeks or months later and are back page: so many low-informed people think there's cumulative circumstantial evidence. But the deeper you look, the more it's prestidigitation (smoke and mirrors), and the only hard evidence is of Democrats and the media behaving badly. If you can read the following FAQ, and discover facts not-in-evidence in the media (and mentioned often), then it proves that there's either incompetence or collusion to rig an election (the last or next one).

Main article: Russiagate

Sanctuary State Backlash

Californians (who supported this), lost their right to ever complain about state overreach again. California arrogantly tried to proclaim that federal immigration law, doesn't apply to them -- and anyone in the state that complies with the federal law, will be victimized by the government of the state.

Recent Reviews

A Quiet Place (2018)


Bored on a Saturday, wife is flying, why not get a hot dog and catch a flick? Did I mention it was a bad flick? It wasn't supposed to be, but it worked out that way. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 97/87, so I figured something fresh and interesting, in the suspense/thriller/horror genre. Yeah, not-so-much.

While it was reasonable acted, shot, and so on... the premise of the dumbest people alive, kind of ruined it for me. There's no way to kvetch on this one without spoilers, so if that matters to you, stop here.

Main article: A Quiet Place (2018)

The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story


The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story, is a really good book about a spoiled girl (with 2 more names than I have), from North Korea, who selfishly and irresponsibly escapes from North Korea, and gets astonishingly lucky in the whole process. Then creates a better life for herself, convinces her family to leave, and burns down any opportunity for them to stay or go back to the oppressive regime.

While it is a bit of a narcissists tale of suffering, we were all narcissists at her age. And despite her being brash (not thinking ahead) and suffering consequences for her recklessness (including to those around her), it is still wonderfully eye opening to see North Korea, Korean culture, and the world through the eyes of a teenage girl, who slowly learns how lucky she has been (though the bigger hardships of those around her). And where would the world be, if there were at least some silly/brash kids risking everything to have a better life?

The Mountain Between Us (2017)


DirecTV gave me a free 4K movies to watch and home (with limited choices), and this was one of them. My wife said her Aunt thought this was one of the best books, "she'd ever read". So we tried it. It was overpriced. A rom-com survival film, with not a shred of comedy or believability, pounding every cliché into the ground with awkward acting and dialog, which left me bored and feeling like I'd survived something harrowing, by making it to the syrupy abrupt ending.

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