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🇳🇿Christchurch, New Zealand: a left wing eco-nationalist (who hates Capitalism, Conservatism, and is Chinese Communist sympathizer) shot-up a couple mosques because immigrants were over-populating the planet and causing Global Warming. Because the shooter said he didn't like Donald Trump's politics or leadership, the media said he was a right wing Trump supporter. He had illegally modified guns, used guns instead of more effective bombs because he said that would turn the left into his tools in dividing nations like the U.S. over gun-control, and he was stopped/slowed at the second mosque because a good guy was able to get a gun and scare him off. (It was one the shooter had dropped). So the media does his bidding, calls for division and gun control, and ignores the role that a good-guy with a gun had in reducing the carnage.
Dead/Injured: 50/100
Biased News is Fake News, as is having different standards based on party. So a real Journalist (Brent Scher at Free Beacon), just did a simple thing: compared FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to the EPA to see how many times media outlets fact checked or investigated Obama versus Trump. NYT did 4x as many request in Trump's first year, as Obama's entire last term. WaPo: went from 1 request for Obama's last term to 43 in Trump's first 2 years. Politico: 15 to 198. CNN 25 to 47. Buzzfeed: 18 to 38. ABC: 4 to 32. This is evidence of a double-standard that the observant have known about for decades.
Articles about the USA, a country with a rich history that many people know far less about than they think they do.
Vice President Pence once mentioned that he avoids working 1:1 dinners with females, out of respect for his wife. (Not that anything would happen, but best to avoid the illusion). The left/media exaggerated that to he's never alone with a woman. Kamala Harris (the whore who slept with her boss to get promotions) is either ignorant or a maliciously lying when she exaggerates that further to imply it holds Women back. And one of Pence's top female Senior Advisors puts the smack down on the California puta. It's one thing to be a caustic hypocrite, but don't be stupid and draw attention to it.
The progressive left has fostered disinformation and sensationalized problems with evil freedom/capitalism for so long, and regurgitated it through the media/educational institutions, so much, that their kids are buying the bullshit. Thus, they keep moving further and further into loonie left land. And none exemplify that better than Alaxandria Ocasio-Cortez, a limousine socialist that won the NY Primary against Joseph Crowley: a 10 term establishment guy. While Crowley was far left Representative, he wasn't far left enough for the DNC's new generation, and so Cortez beat him out promising recess will be longer and all the toys and candy will be free. The media played her as a founding a grass roots movements, but it's astroturf (Fake Grassroots), she was bought and paid for by Justice Democrats and they interviewed her as their Manchurian candidate.
Apple has terms on their App Store that their cut is 30/15% (30% the first year subscriptions or purchase -- 15% on later years of reoccurring subscription). For small companies that have no marketing or facilities for bringing their App to market directly, this is completely reasonable. For larger companies that have their own infrastructure and promotions, and are forced to use Apple's (which they don't need), or those with razor thin margin businesses (like music/content streaming, books, etc), this is monopolistic usery. So it's been a fight since Apple created a one-size-fits-all solution, that doesn't fit everyone well.
Canadian healthcare is fine, if you're in a major city (good political access), and you have something minor that you can live with while waiting your turn in line. If you have something serious, life threatending, odd, or don't want to wait, or want the best access? Then it sucks. For "Free" healthcare, the average Canadian family spent $12,000 in taxes to get this "free" healthcare -- and if they needed to see a specialist, they waited an AVERAGE of 21.2 weeks to receive treatment AFTER being referred by their general practitioner (and that wait). Complex medical issues had an average wait for 33 weeks, and orthopedic surgery was 41 weeks. Average. That means if you were an outlier, it could be much longer: one Ontario patient had to wait 4 1/2 years to see a neurologist. And that's before they get assigned diagnostic test, which is another line (11 weeks average for an MRI that you can get same day in the U.S.). 3% of all Canadians are in healthcare line at any given time. Delayed healthcare is rationed healthcare and costs lives: it turns minor maladies into chronic, irreversible, or even permanent disabilities. And in extreme cases, early death.
FakeNews, "Medicare-for-all is popular", even in red states. RealNews: Medicare-for-all is popular amongst the uninformed. Support drops below 37 percent (58% opposed) if survey takers are told that the bill would eliminate private insurance companies. Instead of informing viewers/readers of that fact, or what it would mean, FakeNews outlets love to popularize that Medicare-for-all myth. That's not news, it's propaganda.
Many of the newer cars have a back-up Sensor that warns the driver before the rear bumper actually comes in contact with something. But who invented this sensor?

I’ll bet you think it was Ford, maybe GM; how about Chrysler? No? Then how about Mercedes Benz, or possibly the French or Italian car manufacturers? No.

It was a Japanese farmer named Kawasaki. His invention was simple and effective. It emits a high-pitch squeal just before the vehicle itself backs into something.

Police arrested a black transgender woman (Thomas Herd) that attacked a white couple in the Bronx, and is likely behind a series of pepper-spray black-on-white hate-crimes in Manhattan. (11 attacks in total).

Recent Reviews

Captain Marvel character was in DC and Marvel Universes, and do to legal issues, was a series of characters. In 2012, they made Ms. Marvel into Captain Marvel and the screenplay was started soon after. There was a ton of politics around creating Feminist Superman -- and the reviews were getting trashed before the film came out. But out of curiosity, I went and saw it, and despite a few flaws -- it was one of the better Marvel movies. (I preferred it to Black Panther (2018) which was also the obviously Black Justice Warrior).

Bored on a Saturday, wife is flying, why not get a hot dog and catch a flick? Did I mention it was a bad flick? It wasn't supposed to be, but it worked out that way. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 97/87, so I figured something fresh and interesting, in the suspense/thriller/horror genre. Yeah, not-so-much.

While it was reasonable acted, shot, and so on... the premise of the dumbest people alive, kind of ruined it for me. There's no way to kvetch on this one without spoilers, so if that matters to you, stop here.
Dreamworks animated viking saga that I would recommend to people who like animated kid friendly movies, that can also appeal to adult. Very visually interesting, with somewhat simplistic plots, but well enough done story lines to just the time and price.
The Mule is a LATE 2018 American crime film (that I saw in early 2019), produced, directed and lead acted by Clint Eastwood. The move is based on The New York Times article "The Sinaloa Cartel's 90-Year-Old Drug Mule": a true story an octaganarian World War II veteran who became a drug courier. Clint does a good job of sort of the early Breaking Bad type amoral anti-hero, someone you kind of want to sympathize with, and sort of like, but is a bit of a self-centered dick, with a lot of regrets in life.
As part of his 12 Rules for Life book tour, Jordan Peterson did a show in San Jose (2019.01.22 @ City National Civc), where I'd also seen Styx a few years ago. So I called some friends that I knew liked him, and bought a block of tickets.

I was expecting a book tour thing, that covered sort of self-help, take personal responsibility, and stuff like that. But it was actually him talking about what inspired him to write his books, which went all over the map. He's an academic, and started a bit scattered, but as it went on, he started bringing things together and having a coalesced message and it was quite an interesting and fun talk.

I work with both Google and Apple, and so I get to use both their hardware -- and I'm an opinionated agnostic: I just want things that work well (for me). So the other day I got a Pixelbook on an incredible discount, which Google had someone deliver to my house (same day, with 30 minutes of setup help): an incredible customer experience. As a long time techie, I'm a bit of a power user, and while I've only had the Pixelbook for a little while (iOS for 10 years), my quick assessment is the Pixelbook is better than an iPad but worse than a MacBook, with a ton of caveats. The iPad rules in App selection, single app workflows, as well as consistency with iOS and integration with Apple's other devices and ecosystem. Since I have an iPhone and MacBook Pro, I'll still use the iPad more often. But as soon as you want to work in multi-app workflows, use the keyboard/trackpad, browse or use it as a laptop replacement, the Pixelbook dominates. But if you really want to get work done -- then my MacBook Pro is still my go to device.
Kevin Leffler did a documentary on Michael Moore. The original movie (back in 2007 or 2009) was called "Shooting Michael Moore", an edgy title that played on him video shooting others. This somehow got repackaged in 2018 as an Amazon Original, "The Un American"... I think a little moore material was added (pun intended) -- the Internet was semi-scrubbed of the original release, so I'm not sure how much of the original project got trimmed and how much was added. But the latest cut is interesting and worthy of watching.

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