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Main article: Memes:Econ:Econ

Economic Memes: who knew economists had a sense of humor?

Memes-Economics : 10 items


Main article: Memes:Econ:Keynes

These Memes mock Keynesian macro-economic theories. While Keynes was brilliant micro-economist, his macro-economic ideas are mock-worthy and disproven... time and time again.

Memes-Keynes : 7 items


Main article: Memes:Econ:Krugman

Krugman may have once been an accomplished micro-economist, but he is a mock-worthy Keynesian macro-economist (an oxymoron). Since working for the NYT, he's taken off his economics hat and put on his polemic propagandist hat (politics trump economics).

Memes-Krugman : 5 items