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The story of perceptive differences, and tricks of memory, and how it colors our perception. This 45 minutes is time well spent.

A podcast about the Auto-Industry and NUMMI plant (now where they build the Teslas). The prelude is America (Demming) taught Japan about Kaizen, and this comes in later, with Toyota trying to teach the evolved lessons back to GM. It's not perfect: it gets some things wrong (based on the few dozen books and articles I've read), but it gets more right than wrong, and still is a good listen.
The Super, was enjoyable fluff. Act 1 was how badly some people under-estimated someone else, and how far removed are you from some very bad people. Act 2 was forgettable. Act 3 was about being a 100 unit landlord will harden and change you. Since we own real-estate, this hit home.