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When you look at the Temperature record for the last 100 years, you discover that man's CO2 and Temperature are not correlated at all:

  • Temperature continued it's warming trend up until about 1945: right when man first put out 1Gt (Gigaton) of CO2. Instead of spiking up, as the models predicted, Temperatures started dropping.
  • This cooling from the 1950's into the 1970's started the Global Cooling Scare and the threats of the next Ice Age.
  • Then the Temperature started warming until about 2000, when the IPCC exploiting the Global Warming theory for political gain
  • Then the Temperature went flat (the Climate Pause), with a slight spike for an El Nino year.

These trends all completely contradicts the IPCC Climate Models, which predict a smooth trend up, starting the 1950's and compounding each year (no pauses). So in the short term, CO2 and Climate do not map well at all. (Some will do derivatives and averages to make the data fit better: we call that distorting the facts).

To Scientists, when the data and the model/theory disagree, you fix your model/theory.

To Politicians at the IPCC, when the data and the model/theory disagree, you make excuses. Their was that there was some soot/particulates in the air from WWII industrialization that neutralized the warming. Which is crap, because they've never shown how much or how smooth clearance/dissipation rates would lead to a sudden reversal of temp trends. And if it was true, it would neutralize their arguments for stopping CO2, since we could control our temp by just polluting a little more (putting out soot). But that kind of bullshit is good enough for those that truly want to believe.


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