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CO2 and Climate are not well correlated. And we're at historical lows for both.

If you look at the bigger picture (the 500 Million year temperature v CO2 record), you can see that CO2 and Temperature have absolutely no correlation.

  • It's been cooler with more CO2 (though we are near an all time cool period)
  • It's been much hotter with less CO2 (though we are near an all time low in CO2)

There's a reason that some political organizations don't show you the 500M year data: and that's because it shows you something they don't want you to see: the truth.

This all gets back to the fact that CO2 is one of the weakest of the greenhouse gasses, which is one of the weakest of the forcing factors on Climate.

Again, the political organizations (not Scientific ones) will make excuses for why they are wrong. Well... um... you see... there was volcanization, and asteroid impacts, and the Earth's wobble, and so on. But that sort of proves the point against them. CO2 is a bit-player in Climate, not THE forcing factor that they claim. We had 4,000-8,000 PPM and the Earth never cooked off before (had runaway warming). There's zero reason to believe in a mythical tipping point today. Models that predict that, and can't work backwards in time, are broken.

A smoothed (and logarithmic) historical record of CO2 v Temp. that goes back 4B years. But as it tries to lump things into era's (instead of just showing the raw'er data), and smoothed, I find it less clear. Even if it shows that there's no correlation between temp and CO2.


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