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Far left polemic Dan Rather tried to rig an election by running a timed Bush hit piece on 60 minutes, just before the 2004 election, using shoddy and unvetted "Killian documents" which claimed that Bush was incompetent, insubordinate and didn't complete his National Guard Service in 1973. The Internet decomposed the typography and showed the forgery within hours, and commanders and folks involved refuted the accounts, and Dan Rather, some of his staff, and even some execs had to reluctantly be fired for journalistic fraud and incompetence.

Dan was shocked that collaborating with the John Kerry campaign to undermine an election, with poorly sourced and laughably false exposé about how "George Bush dodged his duty with the Air National Guard", would have consequences. He'd build his career one such sloppy journalistic standards. And for a while, he was right: CBS put their credibility on-the-line defending the documents and their man, and the other mainstream outlets tried to ignore the story... but the right wing blogosphere had started, and they showed how obviously forged the documents were, and eventually CBS had to capitulate. It all turned out to be falsified hokum, Dan had let his bias get in the way of journalistic standards, again.


On top of that, in the original report, Rather had spun it as "the material" has been authenticated by experts retained by CBS, and those experts had since claimed they had NOT authenticated the documents.

In desperation, a week after the airing and before he lost his job, he brought on Killian's Secretary (Marian Knox) from the airbase who said she knew the documents were fake... but claimed silly things like the documents were, "Fake but Accurate". (They could have been typed from real memos). And then admitted she had no firsthand knowledge of Bush's time in the Guard. Thus "Fake but Accurate" became the rallying cry of CBS News thanks to Rather, and was the final nail that guaranteed he'd be fired.

When you fuck up, put down the megaphone. Rather went on to be a bitter fallen FakeNewsman, sniping from insignificance from the sidelines -- and proving what the informed knew all along, he was never a real unbiased journalist that could put his emotions aside. Just another ignorant crotchety old liberal trying to twist the truth for his political agenda.

The documents are believed to have come from Lt. Col. Bill Burkett, who claimed to have sent them and conveniently burned the originals so they could never trace back and punish the forger.


Dan sued CBS in 2007[1] for besmirching his lousy reputation, and it was thrown out of court. Dan still whines about how he believes the documents are genuine, despite them being done on a laser printer and typeface that never existed in the 1960's. To this day, Dan claims that he was right, and despite using falsified documents, that the Bush administration never denied it... when they had. What he misses completely, is even if they had been real, he had no evidence they were, and was wrong to not vet the documents and run them in the story. That's not news, that's rumor mongering (FakeNews).

Truth (2015)
Dan Rather tried to swiftboat George Bush right before the 2004 election with fraudulent documents about his service, and got caught and fired in what I refer to as the Rathergate fiasco. So in sympathy for their compatriots (liars in the media), Hollywood far lefties ganged up to try to distort history with 2015 propaganda film name "Truth", (ironically, I assume). Of course it starred far-left Robert Redford, and tried to make Rather/Mapes sympathetic victims that got caught in technicalities of journalism, and not the sell-outs to their professions that they were. Dan Rather loved it, claiming, "I think it's the best thing that's ever been up on the big screen". Everyone else thought it smelled like a New Delhi outhouse in summer. It only cost around $15M and still managed to lose money.


Dan Rather

Dan has it all, a career of sloppy rumormongering, fired from CBS for failing to vet forged documents (in order to undermine an election), suing CBS and losing, and still defending his actions to this day. He started his career reporting JFK's death before he could have it verified, taking the Vietcong's side in the Vietnam war, dressing up as a mujahideen fighter during Afghanistan war, his career is a parody of Ron Burgundy. If Ron Burgundy was less self-aware, and hated America. more...


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